Eight Sonnets

Eight Sonnets

56pp. illus. 27.0 x 19.0 cm. The first performance of David Goode's Eight Sonnets by Francis Warner was given in the hall of King's College, Cambridge, 14 June 2015, on the occasion of the retirement of the College Chaplain, Richard Lloyd Morgan, and sung by him with David Goode at the piano.

The Sonnets
'Sometimes a summer's day begins in mist'
'I did not see the bombs fall on the Thames'
'Was it mere chance that brought the mating hare'
'Should we preserve intensity alone'
'Night wins. The realizing dark'
'Just now is dawn, and I am out of doors'
'Twenty-eight fighter bombers overhead'
'The held cascade of vaulting stone unites'

With a recording of the Sonnets, which can be obtained separately at http://www.oxrecs.comeightsonnets.html More info →

Six Anthems

Six Anthems

278pp. 27.0 x 19.0 cm. This book is the outcome of over a decade's collaboration between three friends: David Goode as composer, Francis Warner as librettist, and Stephen Cleobury as choirmaster.


David Goode, words by Francis Warner
Anthem for All Saints' Day
Anthem for St Catharine's Day
Anthem for St Cecilia's Day
Anthem for St Peter's Day
Anthem for the Visitation
Anthem for Christ the King

David Goode
Variations on a Theme by Francis Warner

With a CD of these works sung by the Choir of King's College, Cambridge, conducted by Stephen Cleobury during Choral services www.goodeorganist.org http://www.oxrecs.com/sixanthems.html More info →

Blitz Requiem

Blitz Requiem

Conductor's score: xiv, 105 pp. 35.0 x 23.7 cm. ISBN: 978-0-86140-490-2  £100.00
Vocal score: xiv, 82 pp. 26.8 x 19.0 cm.             ISBN: 978-0-86140-491-9   £10.00
Full score: xiv, 105 pp. 30.8 x 20.8cm                 ISBN: 978-0-86140-492-6   £15.00

The first performance of David Goode's one-hour Blitz Requiem, with words by Francis Warner, took place at St Paul's Cathedral, London, on 23 September 2013. The soloists were Emma Tring, Suzanna Spicer, Matthew Long and Robert Davies, with the Bach Choir and the Royal Philharmoic Orchestra (Leader Clio Gould) conducted by David Hill, and was broadcast on Classic FM. It was generously sponsored by the Murphy Foundation, with additional support from Victoria Sharp and Simon Yates.


'From the darkest days of the Blitz comes new music of sublime beauty by world-renowned organist David Goode.' Mail on Sunday

'. . . Francis Warner who at the centre of it endured through the Nazi five-year onslaught on London, has given the country's ordeal its lasting spiritual articulation. His poetry speaks for his nation: indeed for all of us.' Temenos

'Its music and words are certainly memorable. Goode's Blitz Requiem owns the dramatic qualities, melodic eloquence and inventive richness required for repeat performances, and perhaps to establish a lasting place in the contemporary choral repertoire mainstream.' Classical Music Magazine

'This work is exemplary: it has a warmly conceived, well-mapped score, and a profoundly evocative text by Francis Warner. His imagery hits the nail on the head, and melts the heart. It takes quite some music to match and convey this. The range, rich variety and huge intelligence of Goode's music is wholly up to the task. This is a major work from an exciting composer.' Church Times

With a recording of the performance on CD

www.goodeorganist.org More info →

A Legend’s Carol

A Legend’s Carol

30.9 x 20.9 cm. Paper covers
With 11 colour illustrations from the 16th-century windows of King's College Chapel, Cambridge

Full score of David Goode's setting of Francis Warner's 1962 Nativity poem, "A Legend's Carol", with a Note on the Poem by Glyn Pursglove.

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