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Requiem and its maquettes

Requiem and its maquettes


'Mr Warner’s talent is remarkable, original, and is not content with achieving easy things. He sees theatre in terms of musical and pictorial construction. His visual sense is extraordinarily vivid. His verbal mastery too, is undeniable. The permissive theatre is both employed and transcended by the force and beauty of Francis Warner’s brooding and baroque imagination. . . The text is one of the richest encountered in the theatre for a long time.’ Harold Hobson, The Sunday Times

Maquettes was called by a reviewer in The Sunday Times ‘one of the triumphs of this year’s Edinburgh Festival’.

'This remarkable trilogy achieves its effects through a combination of musical, theatrical, and pictorial techniques.' Elizabeth Kilburn on CBC Radio said of the Canadian performance, ‘Warner creates rôles for women that are absolutely brilliant.'Plays and Players

'The sort of illuminated shorthand of his style, allied to his arresting visual images, is clearly capable of making a very direct contact – and an electrically shocking one at that. He is a considerable writer.’ Time Out

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