Yeats The European

Yeats The European


21.6 x 13.8 pp.    xvi, 340 pp.  1989      Princess Grace Irish Library series (ISSN 0269-2619)  volume 3

Contains the papers given at the 1987 conference held at the Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco, with contributions assessing Yeats's influence on European authors and how much the European mainland and its authors, artists and sculptors influenced him.

The papers in this volume are by Michael Alexander, Birgit Bramsbäck, Toni Cerutti, Denis Donoghue, Jacqueline Genet, Warwick Gould, Bernard Hickey, John Kelly, Heinz Kosok, Peter Kuch, Alasdair Macrae, William M.Murphy, Andrew Parkin, Patrick Rafroidi, Ann Saddlemyer, Ronald Schuchard, Masaru Sekine, Michael Sidnell, C.K.Stead, Helen Vendler and George Watson, with opening and closing addresses by A. Norman Jeffares.


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