This section is, I’m afraid, rather incomplete, but as my activities as agent took up increasingly more of my time, my ability to keep all the sections of my records up-to-date has lessened. Please me know of any material I have omitted and you feel should be added to this section. Part 1 records the various fanzines and calendars produced by fans, Part 2 Publications relating to Discworld Conventions and those published in tribute, and Part 3 the Clarecraft newsletter. C.P.S.




The Horrible Knuckles

The Newsletter of the Unique and Supreme Lodge of the Elucidated Brethren

Two issues, 1990, sent to members of the Lodge. Publication ceased after the second issue.


Tales from the Broken Drum

The Octarine, Science Fiction & Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society fanzine.

Initially intended to be a Pratchett fanzine, hence title of the society and ‘zine, but its interest area naturally expanded considerably since its inception. First editor: M.J.Simpson (‘Simo’)

First issued 1989, over 30 issues published – ceased publication

Editor: Bob Summons


The Wizard’s Knob

(starting with issue 8, called TWK)
Subtitled ‘The Terry Pratchett Magazine’. All A5 size except the fourth issue which, to the consternation of fans, was A4.

Edited by John Penney and David Baxter

1. Summer 1993
2. Autumn 1993

Edited by John Penney

3. Autumn/Winter 1994
4. Summer 1995
5. Spring 1996

Edited by Steven Dean

6. Summer 1996
7. Winter 1996/7
 Summer 1997
Autumn/Winter 1997
 Spring/Summer 1998
Autumn 1998
Spring 1999
13. Summer 1999
Early 2000. The final issue. Fifteen copies were named ‘Limited Edition’, numbered 1/15, 2/15 etc, and signed by Steven Dean on the front cover.

Facsimiles of issues 1-6 (no. 4 in A5 size) available from LMS Books.


From Ramtop to Rimfall

The Newsletter of The Guild of Fans and Disciples (G.O.F.A.D.). Editor: Elizabeth Alway

Edited by Phil Penney

1. December 1994
2. February/March 1995
April 1995
July 1995
October 1995
October 1995 (sic)
5. October 1995 (sic)
May 1996
August 1996
November 1996
January 1997
April 1997
July 1997
September 1997
November 1997
February 1998
April 1998
July 1998
18a. September 1998 – Special Edition

19.  October 1998
20. December 1998
21. March 1999
22. June 1999
23. September 1999
24. December 1999
25. April 2000
26. August 2000

Following publication of this issue, Phil Penney retired.
then edited by Elizabeth Alway
27. December 2000

28. March 2001
29.  July 2001
30.  November 2001
31. March 2002
32. July 2002
33. November 2002
34. March 2003
35. July 2003
36. December 2003
37. April 2004
38. August 2004
39. August 2004 39. December 2004 (10th Anniversary Edition)
40. September 2005
41. March 2006
42. 2006 ???


Cori Celesti

Newsletter of ‘The Friends of the Work of Terry Pratchett and his Discworld’ Club, Prague, Czech Republic. Appears three to four times a year, the most recent issue being vol.7, no.2+1, 30 June 2001. The most recent issues contain a separate four-page Ankh-Morpork Times printed on grey paper. Hitherto, it had formed an integral part of Cori Celesti.

Patrician of the Club and Editor: Martin Schwarz

In September 2000 a special issue appeared containing Mort as a 60 page graphic novel, ‘Cori Celesti special 2000 (CC3/00)’ drawn by Radek Sedlák.


The Discworld Review – WWW Edition

quickly replaced (after two issues, 22 March and 17 April 1996) by

Discworld Monthly

Edited continuously by Jason Anthony

Issue 1: May 1996
236 (December 2016) issues to date of typing this (no. 83 sent out on 26 February 2004, with an Errata later that day). There have been a number of Extras
Issue 77 (September) was numbered 76 in error.



Internet and initially also hardcopy magazine of the Klatchian Foreign Legion, the North American Discworld Society, and the Guild of Fans and Disciples, Counterweight Continent Branch. Appears monthly. Founded and initially edited by (1) Joe Schaumburger, followed by (2) Avril De Leo, (3) Andrew C. Millard (October 1998 -2002?), for a few issues by (4) Jason Parlevliet, Nathan Clissold, and Dylan Williams, then again by (5) Joe Schaumburger, and from Vol.6 no 6. edited by (6) ‘I am not a number’ Annie Mac (whose excellent proof-reading skills in reading through the entire Terry Pratchett section of this site have been of great assistance to me).

Vol.1, nos.1-12, April 1998–March 1999
Vol.2, nos. 1-7½, April–October/November 1999
Vol. 3, nos.1-11, January–November 2000, vol. 4[sic], no.12, December 2000
Vol. 5, [sic] nos.1-2, January–February 2001, Vol. 4, nos. 3-12, March–December 2001
Vol. 5, nos. 1-12, January–December 2002
Vol. 6, nos. 1-12, January-December 2003
Vol. 7, nos. 1-12, January-December 2004
Vol. 8, nos. 1-12, January-December 2005 (8.7 – the July issue – called August, so there are two August issues)
Vol. 9, nos. 1-12, January-December 2006
Vol. 10, nos. 1-12, January-December 2007
Vol. 11, nos. 1-12, January-December 2008
Vol. 12, nos. 1-12, January-December 2009
Vol. 13, nos. 1-12, January-December 2010
Vol. 14, nos. 1-12, January-December 2011
Vol. 15, nos. 1-12, January-December 2012
Vol. 16, nos. 1-12, January-December 2013
Vol. 17, nos. 1-12, January-December 2014
Vol. 18, nos. 1-12, January-December 2015
Vol.19, nos. 1-12,  January-December 2016 [keyed on 2/1/2017]

(Actual variations given to avoid puzzlement to future readers)

The Horoscope section occasionally appears a day or two after the news section.



Dibbler’s Moving Pictures Calendar 2016
Conceived by Amy Atha-Nicholls (Post-production and Graphics), Nathalie Eeckhout and Pam Martin (who took the photographs)

Containing Century of the Fruitbat’s production of C.M.O.T.Dibbler’s ‘Blown Away’ (cover); ‘Officers of the Night Watch’ (January), ‘The Assassins Guild’s Clockwork Assassin’ (February). ‘If you can’t be famous, play foot the ball Dribbler’ (March); ‘The Patrician’ (April); ‘The Usual Suspects: Five Witches, One Line Up, No Coincidence’ (May); Back to the Mandala: The Perfect Moment is Now. Be Glad of It’ (June); ‘9½ Minutes. There is Only One Rule…. Pay Up or Face the Agony Aunts’ (July); The First Seamstress Guild Film! Ankh-Morpork’s Dr. Lawn’ (August); ‘Pretty Lethal. Who Knew It was So Much Fun to be a Hairdresser?’ (September); ‘Unseen University’s The Necromancer. Post Mortem Communicator’ (October); ‘Smoking Gnu (It was the Most Wonderful Kiss I Never Had)’ (November); ‘Wintersmith. Strength enough to build a home. Time enough to hold a child. Love enough to break a heart’ (December).
100 copies printed


Dibbler’s Moving Pictures Calendar 2017
Conceived by Amy Atha-Nicholls (Post-production and Graphics), Nathalie Eeckhout and Pam Martin (who took the photographs)

Containing ‘Gaspode the Wonder Dog’ (cover); ‘The Men Who Stare at Trains. No Steam, no Trains’ (January); ‘Ankh-Morpork presents a Night Watch Seamstress Guild production, The Constable’ (February); ‘The Pentacle Sensation of Unseen University. The Dean is “Rebel Without a Clue'” (March); ‘Susan Sto Helit. The Educator’ (April); ‘From the Creators of Alloy Story, Ankh-Morpork Watchmen, Inc.’ (May); ‘The Butterfly of Chaos’ (June); ‘Sacharissa Worde Wrangler’ (July); ‘The Bursar is Barking Mad’ (August); ‘Stolen. He took your belongings, but he’ll leave a receipt’ (September); ‘Crivens. A Mac Feegle Film’ (October); ‘A Cheesemonger Film. Saving Private Perks, the mission is an abomination’ (November); ‘The Jester’s Witch’ (December).
100 copies printed


Czech Calendars
Graphic Editor: Zuzana Buřičová
Each Calendar gives namedays, public holidays, birthdays of Club members, and Club events.

Kalendář Klubu Terryho Pratchetta 2014
The Czech Terry Pratchett Discworld Fan Club Calendar for 2014. Illustrated by Josefina Konečná ‘Trollka Ruby’, the January page signed by her ‘Rubina’.

Published in October 2013.

Kalendář Klubu Terryho Pratchetta 2015
The Czech Terry Pratchett Discworld Fan Club Calendar for 2015. Illustrated by Daniela Nováková
Published in  October 2014.

Kalendář Klubu Terryho Pratchetta 2016
The Czech Terry Pratchett Discworld Fan Club Calendar for 2016. Illustrated with photos of members of the Club dressed as Discworld characters. Photos by Peter Maršík, and Hana [‘Hanina’] Veselá. Organised by Vĕra Liptáková.
Published in  October 2015.

Kalendář Klubu Terryho Pratchetta 2017
The Czech Terry Pratchett Discworld Fan Club Calendar for 2017. Illustrated with photos of members of the Club dressed as members of Ankh-Morpork Guilds. Photos by Hana [‘Hanina’] Veselá. Organised by Vĕra Liptáková.
The cover photograph is of Eberhard, one of the giant tortoises at Prague Zoo which Terry met on an early signing visit to Prague, and which the Club adopted, holding a copy of The Pratchett Portfolio in his mouth.
Published in  October 2016.





The Ankh-Morpork Interesting Times
The pre-Discworld Convention 1996 newsletter
Edited by Paul A.Rood
5 issues, followed by The Ankh-Morpork Read Me issued at the Convention, followed by the The Daily Ankh which reported the day’s events – four issues and a Special Religious Edition.
All published in monochrome, but two sets issued with illustrations in colour.


Discworld Convention 1996 Programme Book
Edited by Paul A. Rood
This first Discworld Convention, chaired by Paul Rood, was held at the Britannia Sacha Hotel, Tib Street, Manchester on 28-30 June 1996


Ankh-Morpork Times
‘Die Zeitung des Deutschsprachigen Terry Pratchett Fanclubs’
Chefredakteur: Matthias ‘Malachit’ Magelsdorf (
Issue 1. March 2001    – Issue 10. 11/2006


The Discworld Chronicle
The Newsletter for the Discworld Convention 1998
Edited by Paul A. Rood
4 issues, with full colour covers, the first two with colour illustrations by Paul Kidby, the last two by Graham Higgins.
August 1997;
December 1997;
3. May 1998;
September 1998 (with hole caused by 303 bookworm).

During the Convention, five issues of The Chronicle Live reported the day’s events.

Title continued for the magazine of the Discworld Convention 2002

Edited by Kat Knight
Vol.2.1 August 2001. Cover illustration by Graham Higgins

Vol.2.2 November 2001. Cover illustration by Josh Kirby
Vol. 2.3 May 2002. Cover illustration by Stephen Player
Vol. 2.4 August 2002. Cover illustration by Mark Ayling
A planned post-con issue did not appear.
The magazine of the Discworld Convention 2004. Renamed

The Chronicle
Edited by Kat Knight
Vol.3.1. June 2003. Cover illustration by Désirée ‘Catskind’ Wörner
Vol.3.2. November 2003. Cover illustration by Graham Higgins
Vol.3.3. June 2004. Cover illustration by Paul Kidby
The magazine for the Discworld Convention 2006.
Vol. 4.1. July 2005. Cover illustration by Jessica Phan
Vol. 4.2. November 2005. Cover illustration by Esther Heijn
Vol. 4.3. February 2006. Cover illustration by Tracy Pierce.
Vol. 4.4. May 2006. Scene from MOB Films’ Hogfather.
The magazine for the Discworld Convention 2008.
Edited by Joann Richardson
Vol. 5.1. Cover illustration (the Convention’s logo) by Graham Higgins
Vol. 5.2. Cover illustration by Rich Pedley
Vol. 5.2 [sic]. [most copies printed with ‘Volume 5 Issue 2’ on the cover, 15 copies were reprinted with the correct number – Issue 3’). Cover illustration by Neil Joshi.
Vol. 5.4. Post-Convention issue. Cover photo of TP sweeping stage by Ingo Korb.


Discworld Convention 1998 The Programme Book
Edited by Karen H. Kruzycka
The second Discworld Convention, chaired by Paul Rood, (later Kruzycki) was held at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, between 18-21 September 1998.


The Shrimp
The Official Newsletter of the Discworld Convention 2000 (28-31 July 2000)
Issue 1 – Feb 1999
Issue 2 – May/1999
Issue 3 – Aug 1999
Issue 4 – October 1999 (the last issue before cancellation of the Convention on 13/3/2000)


Discworld Convention 2002 nac mac Programme Book
Edited by Kat Knight
The third Discworld Convention, chaired by Paul Rood (later Kruzycki) took place at the Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire, between 16-19 August 2002.


Discworld Convention 2004 Programme Book .‘Hinckley? Ok, I’ll send the Rat.’
Edited by Kat Knight
The fourth Discworld Convention, chaired by Colm Buckley, took place at the Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire, between 20-23 August 2004.


Discworld Convention 2006 Programme Book
Edited by Karen Martin
The fifth Discworld Convention, chaired by MEG (Michelle Broadribb), took place at the Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire, between 18-20 August 2006.


Nullus Anxietas
Programme organiser: Ben Hughes
The first Australian Discworld Convention, Pat Allan the Director, took place at the Carlton Crest Hotel, Melbourne between 9–11 February 2007.


Discworld Convention 2008 Programme Book
Edited by Joann Richardson
The sixth Discworld Convention, chaired by Bruce Richardson, took place at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, between 22-25 August 2008.


Nullus Anxietas 2 Official Programme being a true and rarely accurate accountance of happenings and events as they unfold
The second Australian Discworld Convention, Mark Hayes the Director, took place at the Storey Hall, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology/RMIT University between February 27-1 March 2009.


The North American Discworld Convention 2009 Program Book
Edited by Wendy Trakes, staff artist Jon Lemerond
The first North American Discworld Convention, chaired by Lee Whiteside, took place at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel between 4-7 September 2009.


The First Irish Discworld Convention [programme book]
The first Irish Discworld Convention, co-chaired by Mary-Ellen Murphy, Nicola Murphy and Sheila O’Sullivan, took place at the Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, Co., Mayo between 6-9 November 2009.


Discworld Convention 2010 Programme Book
Edited by Karen Martin, assisted by Mandy Oldroyd
The seventh Discworld Convention, chaired by Brian Nisbet, took place at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, between 27-30 August 2010.


Nullus Anxietas III. The Australian Discworld Convention 2011 Official Convention Programme
Edited by Tania Lewis and Rhianna Williams.
The third Australian Convention, chaired by Steve Lewis, took place at the Penrith Panther Convention Centre, Penrith, NSW, between 8-10 April 2011.


The North American Discworld Convention 2011 Program Book
Program book coordinator and staff artist: Ray Friesen,
The second North American Discworld Convention, chaired by Emily S. Whitten Esq., took place at the Madison Concourse Hotel, Madison, Wisconsin, between 8-11 July 2011.


The Second Irish Discworld Convention
The second Irish Discworld Convention, co-chaired by Mary-Ellen Murphy, Nicola Murphy and Sheila O’Sullivan, took place at the Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, Co., Mayo between 4-7 November 2011.


Hommage à Sir Terence
An Anthology, eds. Fred Ricou, Leia Tortoise and Mestr Tom, bilingual, trans. Brian Stableford, Fan 2 Fantasy (Triel sur Seine), November 2011 (978-2-919325-08-5) Limited to 30 numbered copies.
Mestr Tom: Letter to my Creator / Lettre à mon créateur
Marie Devigne: Childish Fears / Peur enfantine
Lydie Blaizot: Happy Halloween!
Mathieu Guibé: The Price of Mortal Ecolemy / Taux d’écolémie mortel
Anthelme Hauchecorne: Dirty Little Pest / Sale petite Peste
Blanche Saint-Roch: Tales of the Reaper / Les Histoires de la Faucheuse
Anthony Boulanger: The Eighth Profession / Le Huitième Métier
Nicolas Saintier: Blade Death / Mort de lame
Anne Goudour: The Colors of the Soul / Aux couleurs de l’âme
Nathalie Vidaline: De-Fault / Dé-faux
Matthieu Gousseff: Death Has a Laugh / La Mort se marre
Richard Mesplède: The Death-Belly Duel / Duel Mort-Bide
With biographical questions answered by each contributor, short pieces by the editors about themselves, and a short biography of TP (in French only) from L’Atalante’s website.


Discworld Convention 2012 Programme Book
Produced by Tamara Rigg, assisted by Karen Martin and Mandy Oldroyd
The 7ath/Eighnnnnnnth Discworld Convention, chaired by Brian Nisbet, took place at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, between 24-27 August 2012


Nullus Anxietas IV. The Australian Discworld Convention 2013 Official Convention Programme book
Edited by Tania Lewis and Rhianna Williams.
The third Australian Convention took place at Bell Ridges, Preston, Melbourne, between 8-10 March 2013.


North American Discworld Convention 2013 Program Guide and Souvenir Book
Edited by Jennifer Dustin, artwork by Ray Friesen
The third North American Discworld Convention, chaired by Richard Atha-Nicholls, took place at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Baltimore MD, between 5-8-July 2013.


The Third Irish Discworld Convention
The third Irish Discworld Convention, co-chaired by Mary-Ellen Murphy, Nicola Murphy and Sheila O’Sullivan, took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Limerick, between 1-4 November 2013.


Discworld Convention 2014 Programme Book
Produced by Tamar Rigg, supported by Simon Fraser, Kate Oldroyd and  Mandy Oldroyd
The ninth Discworld Convention, chaired by John Hicks (Dr Hix), took place at the Palace Hotel, Manchester, between 8-11 August 2014.


Nullus Anxietas V. The Australian Discworld Convention 2015 Official Convention Programme book
Edited by Diane O’Neill
The fifth Australian Convention, chaired by Beth Stitt, took place at the Novotel Hotel, Parramatta, NSW, between 10-12 April 2015.


The Fourth Irish Discworld Convention: The Watch Open Weekend, Special Constable’s Handbook
The fourth Irish Discworld Convention, chaired by Siobhán Greaney (Capt’n Shivers), took place at the Cork International Hotel, Cork Airport, between 2-5 October 2015.


In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett
Edited by Sorin Suciu and Laura May

An anthology of stories by  Luke Kemp, DK Mok, Peter Knighton, Scott A. Butler, Mike Reeves-McMillan, Laura May, Michael K. Schaefer, Phil Estob, Sorin Suciu, Lyn Godfrey, Robert McKelvey, Caroline Friedel, Charlotte Slocombe, Steven McKinnon, Anna Mattaar, Simon Evans, and Choong Jay Vee.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 31 October 2015 (978-1-517-60360-1)
A new printing in which the stories were placed in a different order, and with a new cover design, was published in March 2016, with the same ISBN.


Now That’s what I call Music with Rocks In: Discworld Convention 2016 Souvenir Book
Edited by Marlies Terlouw
The tenth International Discworld Convention, chaired by Eelco Giele, took place at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, between 26-29 August 2016.


Para el Maestro. Historias en honor de Terry Pratchett
Introducción by Álvaro Loman
An anthology of stories by Sofia Rhei, Roberto Alhambra, Abel Amutxategi, Caryanna Reuven (Irantzu Tato), Dani Guzmán, Roberto Blasco, Pablo Bueno, Nacho Iribarnegaray, Diego María Heras, Tomás Sendarrubias, Jordi Balcells, Gonzalo Zalaya Bueno, Jorge Sosa, Ángel L. Martín, Steve Redwood, Pilar Ramírez Tello, Álvaro Loman, and Patricia Losa.
Epilogo by Dr Pablo Martinez-Lage, Director científico de Fundación CITA-alzhéimer Fundazioa
HT Publishers, 2016, (978-84-944682-8-5)



Discworld Collectors Newsletter
Issued by Clarecraft, Woolpit, Suffolk IP30 9UP
Edited by Isobel Pearson
Vol. 1, nos.1-4: November 1993, February, May, August 1994
Vol. 2, nos. 1-4: November 1994, February, May, August 1995 (starting with this issue, grammatical accuracy arrived with apostrophe added to title)
Vol. 3, nos. 1-4: November 1995, February, May, August 1996
Vol. 4, no. 1: November 1996

Edited by Elton Murphy
Vol. 4, nos. 2-5: March, May, August, November 1997
Vol. 5, nos. 1-4: February, May, August, November 1998
Vol. 6, nos. 1-4: February, May, August, November 1999
Vol. 7, nos. 1-4: February, May, August, November 2000
Vol. 8, nos. 1-2: February, May 2001

Discworld Collectors’ Guild Newsletter
Edited by Sally Couch
Vol. 8, nos. 3-4: August, November 2001
Vol. 9, no. 1: February 2002, Vol. 9, no. 1 [sic]: May, no. 3: August 2002

Edited by Fiona Devonish
Vol. 9, no. 4, November 2002
Vol. 10, nos. 1-4: February, May, August, November 2003
Vol. 11, nos. 1-2: February, May 2004

Edited by Andy Baker
Vol. 11, nos. 3-4, August, November 2004
Vol. 12, nos. 1-3, February, May, September/ ?August 2005 [I have copy with September]

Clarecraft closed in October 2005, but so many collectors placed orders, the actual closure was delayed until 3 December 2005.