UK hbk: Colin Smythe (cover illus. Tim White), 1,001 copies on 15 June 1981 (0-901072-91-5).
With dark green cloth-patterned paper-covered boards.

Pbk: New English Library (cover illus. Tim White), c.5,000 copies, ? May 1982 (0-450-04977-9)
This edition was remaindered by NEL in 1985, and Colin Smythe Ltd. bought about 300 copies, ‘publishing’ them on 20 May 1985. These had a label on the title verso (copyright) page: ‘This edition of Strata is now | published by Colin Smythe Ltd., | Gerrards Cross, | Buckinghamshire | ISBN 0-86140-232-4’. The new ISBN was allocated to ensure that orders were not sent to NEL who would have merely told booksellers that it was ‘out of print’.

2nd UK pbk: Corgi, 39,600 copies on 22 April 1988 (0-552-13325-6)
Originally issued with 192 pages, it was reprinted in 1990. In 1991 it was reset to  increase its length to 208 pages (including advertisements), reprinted in 1992 and 1993. With the 1994 reprint the cover was redesigned, but still used the original Kirby illustration.

2nd UK hbk printing: Doubleday, 3,700 copies on 1 April 1994 (0-385-40475-1)
500 copies of the first printing had a limitation notice printed on the front end-paper: ‘No.     of an exclusive first printing of 500 copies of this edition.’, and were signed by the author. They were sold without publicity at the same price as those without this notice and had no separate ISBN.

USA hbk: St Martin’s Press, 1981 (0-312-76429-4)
2,000 copies produced in UK for St Martin’s Press, being part of the Colin Smythe Ltd print-run. These had a dust jacket on which the back cover was white, with the ISBN in the bottom right hand corner and the price of $10.95 on the front flap.
It was reprinted in the USA (c.2,000 copies), but with page size 20.8 x 13.2 cm., head- and tail-bands, spine blocked gold, and the jacket of which had a solid black back cover, except for a white strip at the foot in which appeared the ISBN, and the printed price was increased to $12.95. The title verso has been modified, adding Library of Congress CIP Data. The line ‘First published in the United States of America in 1981’ has been deleted and the copyright and country of printing lines have been changed. I was later informed that sales had stopped at about 3,800 copies.

USA book club: S.F.Book Club (6493)
Reset to give a 184 page book, page size 20.8 x 13.8 cm., no head- and tail-bands,   spine blocked blue on black paper-covered boards.

USA pbk: (with Ken W.Kelly illustration) Signet/New American Library, March 1983 (0-451-12147-3)
With the third printing, Signet started to use a cover illustration by Darrell K.Sweet under their Roc imprint.
The 4th printing 1991?? had a Roc imprint  and I think a changed ISBN (0-451-45111-2) ?

Bulgarian: Страта, trs.Svetlana Komogorova, Prozoretz, June 2000 (954-733-069-1)

Czech: Strata, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Magnet, c. March 1997 (80-85847-78-7) Bankrupt in July 1997

Dutch 2-in-1 pbk: Delven [Strata] — De Donkere Kant van der Zon, Meulenhoff, May 1982 (90-290-1328-1) Strata trs. Jaime Martijn.
First separate publication: Strata, Meulenhoff-M, 1994 (90-290-4636-8)

French: Strate-à-gemmes, trs. Dominique Haas, Pocket, 15,515 copies on 1 November 1997 (2-266-07288-9)
New cover design (Kirby’s Dark Side of the Sun): 8 July 2005 (2-266-15606-3)

German 1. pbk: Strata oder die Flachwelt, trs. Heinz Zwack, Goldmann (cover illus. Bob Petillo), 1983 (3-442-23434-4)

2. Strata, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne, 1992 (3-453-05834-8)
Reissue: Piper, July 2004 (978-3-492-28509-4)
Issued as an ebook: 16 July 2012
Issued as a double volume, with Dark Side of the Sun, Piper, October 2012 (978-3-492-26878-3)

Polish: 1. Warstwy Wszechíwiata, trs. Ewa Siarkiewicz, Oficyna Wydawnicza Alma-Press, 1992 (83-7020-136-9)
2. Dysk, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis 1999 (83-7120-490-6)

Reissue: Rebis, 2004 (83-7120-807-3)

Russian: Страта, double volume containing Strata, trs. L. Schëkotovoy, and Темная сторона солнца (The Dark Side of the Sun) trs. A. Komarinets, Eksmo and Sekachev, 2004 (5-699-06716-7, 5-88923-087-5)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Marc Simonetti