The Amazing Maurice

A Story of Discworld

The twenty-eighth novel in the Discworld Series

Winner of the 2001 CILIP Carnegie Medal

 UK hbk: Doubleday, jacket & ills. by David Wyatt, 1 November 2001 (0-385-60123-9)  Some copies of the ‘first printing’ were printed in Australia.
[Announced in advance Transworld/Doubleday catalogues as Maurice and his Amazing Disappearing Rats.]
Bookproof: 430 copies. 21 June 2001

Bookclub: BCA, May 2002 (CN 104554)

Educational: Heinemann/New Windmills series, 2004 (0-435-13100-1)

Large print: Isis, May 2005 (0-7531-7389-1) ; pbk, Isis, 1 February 2006 (0-7531-7390-5)

Pbk: Corgi, 7 November 2002 (0-552-54693-3) Some copies of the ‘first printing’ were printed in Australia.
B-format black & Gold cover, June 2008 (978-0-552-15783-4) Initially sold exclusively through Waterstones, their copies having a white circular‘Exclusive Waterstone’s Edition’ label on them.
New edition with Kidby cover: Corgi, 26 May 2011 (978-0-552-56292-8) Some copies have AMZING MAURICE on the spine. These were withdrawn.
B-format, with Kidby cover: Corgi, 6 June 2013 (978-0-552-55202-8)

hbk: HarperChildren, cover illus. Chris Gall, 6 November 2001 (trade: 0-06-001233-1; library: 0-06-001234-X)

Bookproof: July 2001

Bookclub: Bookspan

Pbk: HarperTrophy, 1 May 2003 (0-06-001235-8) Contains opening pages of The Wee Free Men as ‘teaser’ at end.
Revised pbk, containing TP’s acceptance speech on receiving the Carnegie Medal, and an interview, as well as the extract from Wee Free Men: new cover art by Bill Mayer, HarperCollins, 2008 (978-0-06-001235-9)

Brazil: O Fabuloso Maurício e seus Roedores Letrados, trs. Ricardo Gouveia, Conrad, 2004 (85-7616-007-2)

Bulgarian: Изумителният Морис и негоите Образовани Гризачи, trs. Katia Ancheva, Vuzev, c.3,000 copies, c. October 2005 (954-422-085-2)

Chinese simplified [mainland]: 1. Mao He Shao Nian Mo Di Shou, trs. [unknown], People’s Literature Publishing House, c.2006 (7-02-005227-4)
2. Dook

Chinese complex [Taiwan]: [translated title: The Fairytale of A Cat and His Mice], trs. Chi-Chun Hsieh, illus. Chien-Fung Wu, Global Kids Books/Commonwealth, 4,000 copies on 10 May 2004 (KLB03. 986-417-302-2)

Croatian: Marjan Tisak, 2002 [not seen]

Czech: Úžasný Mauric a jeho vzdĕlani hlodovci, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 4,590 copies on 29 September 2003 (80-7197-180-4) The title page has under the title a note about the pronunciation of the cat’s name, proposing the name ‘Maurek’ as the best version for the translation, as in Czech the similar Mourek means a small dapple-grey (or quite striped) cat.

Danish: Mageløse Maurice og hans rådsnare rotter, trs. Svend Ranild, Borgens, November 2004 (87-21-02161-9)

Dutch: Mirakelse Maurits en zijn Gestudeerde knaagdieren, trs. Venugopalan Ittekot (pseud. of Ruurd Groot), Uitgeverij M (De Boekerij), 2003 (90-225-3741-2)
Reissued under the Mynx imprint, 2009 (978-90-8968-128-7)

Estonian: Hämmastav Maurice ja Tema Öpetatud Narilised, trs. ?, Varrak, April 2003 [not seen]

Finnish: Mahtava Morris ja sivistyneet siimahännät, trs. Leena Peltonen, Karisto, September 2002 (951-23-4350-9)
Pbk: Karisto, c.February 2005 (951-23-4635-4)

French: Le Fabuleux Maurice et ses Rongeurs Savants, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, November 2004 (2-84172-292-9)
Massmarket pbk: Pocket, April 2008 (978-2-266-18202-7)

German: Maurice, Der Kater, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Manhattan (Goldmann/Bertelsmann), January 2004 (3-442-54570-6)
Pbk: Goldmann, November 2005 (3-442-45513-8)

Bookclub: Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius, 2009 (978-3-938899-39-7)

Greek: Ο Εκπληκτικσ Μορισ και τα σοφα τρωκτικα του, trs. Anna Papastaúpou, Psichogios, `April 2008 (978-960-453-342-8)

Hebrew: Sial Logistics, 2013? [not seen]

Hungarian: Fantasztikus Maurícius és az ö tanult rágcsálói, trs. Veronika Farkas, Delta Vision 12 August 2014 (978-963-395-037-1)

Italian: Il Prodigioso Maurice e i suoi geniali roditori, trs. Maurizio Bartocci, Mondadori, October 2003 (88-04-52301-8)
reissue: Mondadori Oscar bestsellers, February 2005 (88-04-54312-4)

Japanese: [ Tenoneka mo-rizu kenoinaka ko ], Asunaro Shobo, 30 April 2004 (4-7515-2351-1)

Korean: Sigongsa/Eya, 2010? [not seen]

Latvian: Morisa de kas, trs. Uldis SÌlis, Zvaignzne, 2,000 copies on 21 April 2006 (9984-36-902-1)

Norwegian: Magiske Maurits og hans Gløgge Gnagere, trs. Torleif Sjøgren-Erichsen,  Gyldendal, 2002 (82-05-30705-9)
Pbk: Gyldendal, 2005 (82-05-34114-1)

Polish: 1. Zadziwiający Mauriycy i jego uczone szczury, trs. Dorota Malinowska-Grupinska, Prószyński i S-ka, 2004 (83-7337-621-6)
2. New translation: Zadziwiający Mauriycy i jego Edukowane Gryzonie, trs. Piotr W.Cholewa, Prószyński i S-ka, 2011 (978-83-7648-625-3)

Romanian: Uluitorul Maurice şi rosǎtoareke lui Educate, trs. Mirella Acsente, Corint Junior, 2006 (973-7644-40-9)

Russian: Eksmo [contracted but not yet published]

Spanish: El asombroso Mauricio y sus roedores sabios, trs. Javier Calvo, Plaza y Janes, November 2010 (978-84-01-33906-6)
Pbk: Debols!llo, April 2012 (078-84-9989-474-4)

Swedish: Den makalöse Maurice och hans kultiverade gnagare, trs. Mats Blomqvist, Wahlströms, c.November 2003 (91-32-32929-6)

Thai: Nanmee Books, 2003? [not seen]

Turkish: Muhteşem Maurice Ve Değişmiş Fareleri, trs. Niran Elci, Tudem, 3,000 copies in October 2007 (978-9944-69-130-7)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Paul Kidby