Illustrated by Josh Kirby

The ninth novel in the Discworld Series.

An asterisk * indicates that the edition lacks Josh’s illustrations 

UK Large format hbk and pbk: Victor Gollancz, 4,200 copies of the hbk and 50,500 of the pbk on 16 August 1990 (Hbk 0-575-04636-8, pbk 0-575-04836-0) repr. September 1990

New, small format: The Illustrated Eric, Gollancz, 18 November 2010 (978-0-575-09628-8)

Pbk: Victor Gollancz, 11 October 2012 (978-0-575-09629-5)
*A format: VGSF (Gollancz), 75,000 copies on 8 August 1991 (0-575-05191-4) reprinted August 1991, 19 September 1991, 6 December 1991, 20 July 1992, 12 October 1992, 27 April 1993, etc.
reissued, Vista (Gollancz), 25,000 copies on 23 May 1996 (0-575-60001-2)
reissued, Millennium (Orion/Gollancz), ?March 2000 (1-85798-954-6)
*Hbk: issued as one of the ‘Gollancz 50 Top Ten’ titles, with the classic Gollancz mauve and black on a yellow solid cover design, and with an introduction by Adam Roberts, 1 September 2011 (978-0-575-11669-6)
*Discworld Collector’s Library: The Unseen University Collection (hbk, cover engraving by Joe McLaren): Gollancz, April 2014 (978-1-473-20017-3)

Bookclub: BCA took copies with the Gollancz imprint
*BCA’s Unseen Library: 4,000 copies in November 2003 (CN 119060)

*pbk: 1) Roc (NAL) (cover illus. by Darrell K.Sweet, without Kirby illustrations), 50,000 copies in September 1995 (0-451-45357-3)

Some copies exist without the red foil on the front cover, only the raised blocking.

2) Harper Torch (cover illus. by ???? ) 40,000 copies in February 2002 (0-380-82121-4)
* Premium pbk: Harper Premium, 30 July 2013 (978-0-06-223733-0)
*Library hbk of pbk: Turtleback (0-613-57205-X)

*Brazilian: Fausto Eric, trs.Ludimila Hashimoto, Conrad, 2005 (85-7616-125-7)

Bulgarian: Жаусм Ерик, trs. Tatiana Kostadinova-Minkovska, Vuzev, 25,000 copies in May 1992 (954-422-002-X)

*Czech: Faust Erik, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 9,000 copies in February 1996 (80-7197-003-4)
Double volume with Moving Pictures/Pohyblivé Obrázky: with pencil illustrations by Paul Kidby, Talpress, 2010 (978-80-7197-404-8)
Czech: Faust Erik, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 2007 (978-80-7197-325-6)

*Dutch: Faust Erik, trs. Venugopalan Ittekot (pseud. of Ruurd Groot), Het Spectrum, 6,000 copies in 1994 (90-274-3412-3)
Reissue: Mynx, 2008 (978-90-225-5121-9)
     *Schijfwereldomnibus nr.3 (omnibus edition with Pyramids and Guards! Guards!), Het   Spectrum, ?5,000 copies August 1999 (90-274-6757-9)

*Estonian: Eric, trs. Kaaren Kaer, jacket illus. Hillar Mets, Varrak, December 2002 (9985-3-0572-8)

*Finnish: Faust Eric, trs. Mika Kivimäki, Karisto,  April 2003 (951-23-4380-0)
pbk: Karisto, January 2006 (951-23-4727-X)
Reissue hbk: Karisto, 2011 (978-9985-3-2366-3)

French: Faust Eric, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, June 1997 (2-84172-053-5)
Reissue, with new introduction by Terry Pratchett (dated September 2014), 22 October 2015 (978-2-841721-7)

*Unillustrated pbk: Pocket, March 2001 (2-266-11132-9)
*Pbk with Marc Simonetti cover: Pocket, November 2011 (978-2-266-21189-5)

German: Faust Eric, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne (06/4953), November 1992 (3-453-06234-5)
Illustrated: Piper, April 2006 (3-492-70132-9)
  *Unillustrated: Piper Boulevard, August 2008 (978-3-492-29177-4)
Reissued with new cover design by Katarzyna Oleska, Piper, June 2015 (978-3-492-28615-2)
*All nine Piper Discworld titles issued in a box.with spines combining to create a single image by Katarzyna Oleska, illustrator of all the covers, Piper, 8 June 2015 (978-3-492-28080-8)

Rincewind der Zauberer, an omnibus containing the first four Rincewind titles, Die Farben der  Magie, Das Licht der Phantasie, Der Zauberhut and *Eric, Heyne, cover illus. Tom Kidd, July 2001 (3-453-18942-6).
*Republished by Piper, January 2005 (3-492-28500-7) revised cover with 4th printing November 2009

*Hungarian: Eric, trs. Anikó Sohár, Cherubion Könyvkiadó, c.4,000 copies in 2001 (963-9346-11-X)

*Italian: Faust Eric, trs. Antonella Pieretti (cover ill. Kidby), Salani, April 2006 (88-8451-678-1)
TEA edition: March 2009 (978-88-502-1840-0)

*Norwegian: Faust Eric, trs. Torleif Sjøgren-Erichsen, Tiden Norsk, 2,000 copies in September 2002 (82-10-04626-8)

*Polish: Faust Eryk, trs. Piotr W.Cholewa, Prószyńskí i S-ka, 1997 (83-7180-182-3)
Because the book was being published to coincide with a signing tour by Terry, it was produced to a very tight schedule and the translator’s name was omitted from the book, to the publisher’s embarrassment.
NOTE: Before going bankrupt the Polish company CIA had, apart from publishing an  edition of Good Omens [Dobry Omen, trs. Jacek Gałązka and Juliusz Garztecki, CIA Books-Svaro, 1992 (83-85100-63-6)], also acquired the licence to publish Eric and for that reason Dobry Omen contains an 8pp. extract as an advertisement at the end.
*Reissued: PrószyÕski i S-ka, ?June 2001 (83-7255-907-4)
Reissued: Prószyński i S-ka, ?November 2004 (83-7337-334-9)

*Romanian: Rao, 31 March 2009 [not not yet seen]

*Russian: Зрик, trs. Iryny Kravtsova, Eksmo, 2003 (5-669-01687-X)

*Serbian/Yugoslav: Faust Erik, trs. Dejan Papić, Laguna, March 2001 (86-7436-009-2)

*Slovak: Faust Erik, trs. Vladislav Gális, Talpress, 2010 (978-80 7197-389-8)

*Spanish: Fausto Eric, trs. Javier Calvo, Plaza y Janés, January 2005 (84-01-33544-2)
Massmarket: Debols!llo, May 2006 (84-8346-008-4)
Second printing: October 2006, with new cover: November 2009
First printing with a new cover, May 2012 (978-84-8346-008-5)
*Kiosk edition: Altaya, 2008 (978-84-487-2578-5)

*Swedish: Eric, trs. Mats Blomqvist, Wahlströms, April 2003 (hbk: 91-32-32783-8)
laminated hbk: January 2004 (91-32-32905-9)
mass-market pbk: 2005 (91-32-43502-9)

*Turkish: 1. Faust Eric, trs. Niran Elçi, Ithaki, 2010 (978-605-375-086-4)
2. *Delidolu/Tudem [contracted, but not yet published]

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Marc Simonetti