The thirty-sixth novel in the Discworld Series

Winner of the 2008 Locus Best Fantasy Novel Award

UK hbk: Doubleday 24 September 2007 (978-0-385-61101-5)
Proofs: 150 copies, May 2007
Apart from the standard edition, 2,500 numbered signed copies were specially bound and issued in slip case for Waterstones (978-0-385-61351-4) A faux cheque book and bank notes were also issued as publicity material for Waterstones and Borders.
Pbk: Corgi, 16 June 2008 (978-0-552-15490-1)

A free sampler, containing an extract from Chapter 1 was produced to mark 25 Years of Discworld, as was a ‘Free Waterstones exclusive introduction to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld’ containing the same extract, and an introduction to Discworld by Michael Rowley, Waterstone’s Buyer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and a chequebook.
Black/gold B format: Corgi, 2011 (978-0-552-15933-3)

B-format reissue with Kidby cover: 2014 (978-0-552-16770-3)

Bookclub: BCA (CN154225)

Large print: Thorpe/Charnwood, 2008 (978-1-84782-277-2)

USA hbk: HarperCollins, 18 September 2007 (978-0-116164-3/0-06-116164-0)
Proof: 1683 copies, June 2007
A limited number of copies contained an extra leaf with the wording ‘THIS SIGNED EDITION OF MAKING MONEY by Terry Pratchett HAS BEEN SPECIALLY BOUND BY THE PUBLISHER.’ over TP’s signature, with a circular golden sticker on the front cover indicating that it is a signed first edition. 1610 copies of these were packed in ten-copy cartons carrying the ISBN 978-0-06-143175-3/0-06-143175-3. This ISBN did not appear on the books.

Bookclub: BCA (1244617)

Pbk: Harper, 30 September 2008 (978-0-06-116165-0)
Premium pbk: Harper, November 2014 (978-0-06-233499-2)

Bulgarian: Oпapичванe, trs. Katia Ancheva, Vuzev, 2011 (978-954-422-097-6)

Czech: Nadělat Prachy, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 2008 (978-80-7197-335-5)

Dutch: Geld Moet Wapperen, trs. ‘Venugopalan Ittekot’, Mynx, 2009 (978-90-8968-077-8)

Estonian: Rahategu, trs. Allan Eichenbaum, jacket illus. Hillar Mets, Varrak, April 2010 (978-9985-3-2034-1)

Finnish: Lyödään rahoiksi, trs. Mika Kivimäki, Karisto, April 2013 (978-951-23-5628-7)

French: Monnayé, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, October 2009 (978-2-84172-481-9)
Pbk: Pocket, 11 February 2016 (978-2-266-266-05-5) [not yet seen]

German: Schöne Scheine, trs. Bernhard Kempen, RandomHouse/Manhattan, 27 September 2007 (978-3-442-54631-2)
Pbk: Goldmann, May 2009 (978-3-442-46809-6)

Hebrew: , Opus, September

Polish: Świat Finansjery, trs. Piotr W. Cholewa, Prószyński, 2009 (978-83-7648-201-9)

Russian: Делай деньги!, trs.? Eksmo, 28 September 2016 (978-5-699-91438-8) [not yet seen]

Spanish: Dinero a mansalva, trs. Gabriel Dols Gallardo, Plaza y Janes, January 2012 (978-84-01-35223-2)
Massmarket: Debols!llo, January 2013 (978-84-9989-965-7)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Marc Simonetti