The thirty-ninth novel in the Discworld Series

Winner of the 2012 Bollinger Everyman P.G.Wodehouse Award
Finalist for the 2012 Prometheus Award

The UK hardback edition sold 55,000 copies in first three days. It was the third fastest sale since e-records were kept by Nielsen.
‘One of the fastest-selling novels of all time upon release in September’
The Bookseller review of the year.

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UK hbk: Doubleday, 13 October 2011 (978-0-385-61926-4)
Uncorrected proofs: 155 copies
Issued in three formats:
1) Standard trade: Doubleday, 150,751 copies,
2) Gold Edition with extra story – ‘A Collegiate Casting-out of Devilish Devices’: 30,000 copies, Doubleday/Waterstones exclusive, (978-0-385-61926-4 also, but given the code 9787777127765 by Waterstones)
3) Limited slip-cased edition: 2,000 copies (Waterstones exclusive) (978-0-385-61926-4 also, officially but 978-0-857-52084-5 on the plastic shrink-wrapping)
Uncorrected proof sampler booklet (for Waterstones): quantity unknown

Pbk: Corgi , 7 June 2012 (978-0-552-16675-1)
The ‘first’ printing is in two halves. The second issue (with the same ISBN) has a slightly different cover announcing the sneak preview of Dodger and Long Earth that appears in both Black/gold B-format pbk: Corgi, 6 June 2013 (978-0-552-16676-8)

Large print (also distrib. in USA): Thorpe/Charnwood, 2012 (978-1-4448-1159-9)

Hbk: HarperCollins, 11 October 2011 (978-0-06-201184-8)

Uncorrected proofs:
Premium size mass-market pbk: Harper, 26 December 2012 (978-0-06-221886-5)

Bulgarian: Смрък, trs. Katia Ancheva, Arkhont-V Ood, 2015 (978-954-422-104-1)

Chinese mainland (simplified): Dook Shanghai

Chinese (Taiwan complex): Solo, 2014 (978-986-90149-5-3)

Czech: Šňupeg, trs. trs. Jan Kantůrek Talpress, 2011 (978-80-7197-454-3)

Dutch: Snuif, trs. Venugopalan Ittekot, De Boekerij, 2012 (978-90-225-6326-7)

Estonian: Tubakas, trs. Allan Eichenbaum, jacket illus. Hillar Mets, Varrak, April 2012 (978-9985-3-2505-6)

Finnish: Niistäjä, trs. Mika Kivimäki, Karisto, May 2016 (978-951-23-6014-7)
e-book: Karisto, April 2016 (978-951-23-6016-1)

French: Coup de tabac, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, 25 October 2012 (978-2-84172-611-0)

German: Steife Prise, trs. Gerald Jung, Manhattan, 24/9/12 (978-3-442-54705-0)

Polish: Niuch, trs. Piotr W. Cholewa, Prószyński, 2012 (978-83-7839-105-0)

Russian: Дело мабак, trs. V. Sergeeva, Eksmo, 2014 (978-5-699-74329-2)

Spanish: Snuff, trs. Gabriel Dols Gallardo, RandomHouse/Mondadori
Pbk: DeBols!llo, 2 February 2015 (978-84-9062-386-2)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Paul Kidby