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The Science of Discworld 1, 2, 3, 4 (Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen)

The Folklore of Discworld (Terry Pratchett, Jacqueline Simpson)

Elves, Nasty or Nice (Jacqueline Simpson)


The Science of Discworld

Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen (jacket illustration by Paul Kidby)

Each volume contains a Discworld story by Terry Pratchett, around which Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen write about this, the Roundworld.

First edition

UK hbk: Ebury Press (Random House), 24,269 copies on 3 June 1999 (0-09-186515-8)

Of these 20,022 copies were for the trade, 3,000 for BCA and 1,247 in pbk for TSP. The trade and BCA copies were identical. In addition to the above, 6,694 copies were printed in Australia for that market. Ebury consider all these copies to be the first printing. The second printing, delivered on 1 July, comprised 4,979 copies for the trade, and had the 1 removed from the printing history line on the title verso; the third printing, delivered on 28 July, comprised 3,064 copies for the trade, in which some minor corrections had been made to the text, and the 2 being deleted from the printing line; the fourth printing delivered on 15 September, comprised 3,000 copies for the trade plus 1,283 copies in paperback for TSP, and had the 3 deleted from the printing line.
Proof/sampler: containing……………….
Pbk: Ebury Press, 1 June 2000 (0-09-187477-7

German: Die Gelehrten die Scheibenwelt, trs. Andreas Brandhorst (for Discworld story) and Erik Simon (for Science chapters), Heyne (with Josh Kirby illustration), 1 August 2000  (06/9081, 3-453-1733-9)
Hyne’s Science Fantasy list was taken over by Piper Verlag:
New edition: Piper Verlag, June 2004 (3-492-28521-X)

Polish: Nauka świata Dysku, trs. Piotr W.Cholewa, Proszyński i Ska, 6,000 copies in December 2000 (83-7255-606-7)

Second edition, with two extra chapters

UK pbk: Ebury Press, 21,000 copies on 2 May 2002 (0-091-88657-0)
B-format, and revised cover: Ebury Press 11 April 2013 (978-0-091-95170-2)

BCA pbk: 3,000 copies. 

USA pbk: Anchor Books, 3 June 2014 (978-0-8041-6894-6); eBook 978-0-8041-6895-3)

 Bulgarian: Vuzev/Akhont-V

 Czech: Vĕda na Zemĕploše, trs. Lukáš Hozák, Talpress, 2005 (80-7197-243-6)

 French: La Science du Disque-Monde, trs. Patrick Couton & Lionel Davoust, L’Atalante, May 2007 (978-2-84172-367-6)

 German: (Kidby cover) Piper, August 2006 (3-492-28616-X, 978-3-492-28616-9) 4th printing (modified cover) December 2011
Reissued with new cover illustration by Katarzyna Oleska: Piper, December 2012 (978-3-492-26914-8)
(On the first printing the cover illustrations of the first two volumes in the series were transposed, corrected in the reprint of October 2013)

 Italian: La Scienza di Mondi Disco, trs. Valentina Daniele, Salani, February 2010 (978-88-6256-155-6)

 Russian: Наука Плоского мира, trs. S. Reznik, Izdatwastvo E (Eksmo), 2015 (978-5-699-82739-8)


The Science of Discworld II: The Globe

Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen (jacket illustration by Paul Kidby)

 UK hbk: Ebury Press (Random House) 33,500 copies on 2 May 2002 (0-091-88273-7)
The book proof (quantity uncertain) has 328pp as opposed to the published edition 368pp including index (lacking in the proof)
Bookclub pbk: BCA. 5,000 copies (although a paperback it has the same ISBN as the hbk trade edition)
pbk: Ebury Press, 1 May 2003 (0-091-88805-0)
B-format, and revised cover: Ebury Press 11 April 2013 (978-0-091-95171-9)

USA: Anchor 20 January 2015 (978-0-8041-6896-0; eBook 978-0-8041-6897-7) )

Czech: Koule, trs. Jan Kantůrek and Dana Krejčevá, Talpress, 2006 (80-7197-277-0)

French: La Science du Disque-Monde II. Le Globe, trs. Patrick Couton & Lionel Davoust, L’Atalante, April 2009 (978-2-84172-463-5)

 German: Rettet die Rundwelt! Die Gelehrten de Scheibenwelt 2, trs. Andreas Brandhorst and Erik Simon, Heyne, March 2003 (3-453-886174-4] Published by Piper, as Die Philosophen der Rundwelt, September 2004 (3-492-28522-8)
Reissued with new cover design: Piper, August 2006 (3-492-28621-6, 978-3-492-28621-3), 3rd printing with modified cover, May 2010
Reissued with new cover, by Katarzyna Oleska: Piper December 2012 (978-3-492-26915-5)
(On the first printing the cover illustrations of the first two volumes in the series were transposed, to be corrected on the reprint.) Reprinted March 2014

Polish: Nauka Świata Dysku II: Glob, trs. Piotr W.Cholewa, ProszyÕski i Ska, 7,800 copies on 22 May 2005 or 17 May 2005 (83-7337-641-0) [not yet clarified contradictory information]

Russian: Eksmo  [not yet published]

 The Science of Discworld III: Darwin’s Watch

Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen (jacket illustration by Paul Kidby)

 UK hbk: Ebury Press (Random House) 5 May 2005 (0-091-89823-4)
Pbk: Ebury, 3 August 2006 (0-091-89824-3)
B-format, and revised cover: Ebury Press 11 April 2013 (978-0-091-95172-6)

USA: Anchor, 20 January 2015 ( 978-0-8041-6898-4; eBook 978-0-8041-6899-1)

Czech: Darwinovy Hodinky, trs. Jan Kantůrek & Dana Krejčevá, Talpress, 2007 (978-80-7197-324-9)

 French: La Science du Disque-Monde III: L’Horloge de Darwin, trs. Patrick Couton & Lionel Davoust, L’Atalante, April 2014 (978-2-84172-668-4)

 German: Darwin und die Götter der Scheibenwelt, trs. Andreas Brandhorst & Erik Simon, Piper, 26 January 2006 (3-492-26593-6)
Reissued: Piper, August 2006 (3-492-26622-3) 4th printing, with modified cover, November 2010
Reissued with new cover ill: Piper, December 2012 (978-3-492-26916-2)

Polish: Nauka Świata Dysku III: Zegarek Darwina, trs. Piotr W. Cholewa, Prószyński i S-ka, 2009 (978-83-89325-48-8)

 Russian: Eksmo


 The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day

Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen, (jacket illustration by Paul Kidby)

 UK hbk: Ebury Press, 11 April 2013 (978-0-091-94979-2)
Pbk: Ebury Press, 27 March 2014 (978-0-091-94980-8)
A special exclusive pbk booklet [copyright Ian Stewart] was produced for Tesco, containing The Worlde not a Dysk using the same ISBN as Ebury’s standard edition. The cover describes it as an ‘extra chapter’. April 2014   Spread-the-Word [of-Om-throughout-the-lands-of-the-heathen] Gladly’s THE WORLDE NOT A DYSK, in which the celebrated author exposes sundry misconceptions, lies, and statistics concerning the true shape of the worlde, mistakenly referred to by some deluded personnes as the “Dysk-Worlde”. published as a public reinformation service by the church of the latter day omnian faith.

USA: Anchor pbk January 2016

Czech: trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress

French: Le Jugement Dernier, trs.Patrick Couton & Lionel Davoust, L’Atalante, April 2015 (978-2-84172-712-4)

 German: Das Jüngste Gericht, trs. Andreas Brandhorst and Erik Simon, Piper, December 2013 (978-3-26946-9)

 Polish: Nauka Świata Dysku III: Dzień Sądu, trs. Piotr W. Cholewa, Prószyński, 2014 (978-83-7961-033-4)

Russian: Eksmo

The Folklore of Discworld

Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson

First edition

UK hbk: Doubleday, 8 September 2008 (978-0-385-61100-8)

Second edition. Revealing additional material on Unseen Academicals

UK pbk: Corgi, 8 October 2009 (978-0-552-15493-2)

Czech: Folklor Zemĕplochy, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 2010 (978-80-7197-382-9)

German: Mythen und Legenden der Scheibenwelt, trs. Gerald Jung, Goldmann, September 2011 (978-3-442-47367-0)

 edition], ‘Updated to include material on the Discworld books up to Raising Steam’

UK pbk: Corgi, 13 March 2014 (978-0-552-15493-2) [same ISBN as 2nd edition]

USA pbk: Anchor, 25 March 2014 (978-0-8041-6903-5; eBook 978-0-8041-6901-1)

 Elves: Nasty or Nice?

 A Treatise by Jaqueline [sic] Simpson, Foreword by Terry Pratchett, printed, and published by the Discworld Emporium at the 2010 Discworld Convention, 27-30 August 2010, in an edition of 500 copies. No ISBN