The Carpet People

The first version

Hbk, illustrated by the author: Colin Smythe, c.3000 copies, 16 November 1971 (0-900675-49-7)
The jackets were not laminated but had a Duraseal protective cover. The printers made a mistake (although perfectly correct in the final proofs), printing the illustration on p. 34 upside down, so this leaf had to be removed, and a corrected replacement, printed with pages 33 and 34, tipped in each copy.
The illustrations in a very few copies – certainly less than ten – were hand-coloured by the author. As far as I know, only two had all the illustrations coloured and extra pen and ink drawings added to some pages; others only had the full page illustrations coloured. Terry may have coloured all the illustrations in copies for friends, but I have not heard of any.
A facsimile reprint of this first edition, specially bound in carpet, was presented in a special case to the author by Transworld Publishers at his fiftieth birthday party. A copy in a trade cloth, but without any spine blocking was given to Colin Smythe and is in the Pratchett archive he donated to the University of London’s Senate House Library. There are no other copies of this printing. (News of this special printing had been printed and circulated prematurely in a fan newsletter prior to Terry’s birthday and his copy was waylaid and only given him after his birthday party.)

German: Alarm im Teppichreich, trs. Käthe Recheis, Sauerländer (cover & illus. Jörg Müller),  1972 (3-7941-0142-1)


The second version

Hbk: Doubleday, 18,100 copies on 30 June 1992 (0-385-40304-6)
 Bookproof: quantity uncertain
Hbk, 1,000 Signed & Numbered Collector’s Edition, in slipcase: Doubleday, October 2005, (0-385-61026-2), specially prepared for Waterstones.
Illustrated hbk: 1 October 2009 (978-0-385-61572-3). Contains a 16 page full colour section with all those illustrations relevant to the second version, together with some of the extra illustrations he drew in some of the hand-coloured copies.
Pbk: Corgi, 111,500 copies on 22 April 1993 (0-552-52752-1)
The 8th printing (October 1999) had a modified cover design
Reissued in two formats, with new cover illustration by David Wyatt, Corgi, May 2004 (B-format: 0-552-55105-8; mass-market: 0-552-55107-4)
B-format reissued with modified cover design on 7 June 2012 (978-0-552-55105-2)
New B-format edition, with cover illustration and chapter heads by Mark Beech: Corgi, 6 January 2017 (978-0-552-57336-8)

Double volume pack with Wings, ‘Only available at Tesco’, August 2012 (978-1-409-60749-6)

Large print: Spectrum [Thorpe/Ulverscroft], 1 October 2000 (0-7089-9527-6)

USA (with additional material not in UK 2009 edition): Clarion 5 November 2013 (978-0-544-21247-3)
Advance reading copies: 500 with white background to front cover (error), 3,500 with cream background (correct), neither with colour illustrations. Apart from additional illustrations in colour and monochrome, this edition also contains TP’s first Carpet People story from The Bucks Free Press of 1965.

Bulgarian: Кидимените Хора, trs. Svetlana Komogorova, Prozoretz, 4,100 copies on 17 September 1996 (954-8079-40-1)

Czech: Kobercové, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, June 2001 (80-7197-156-1)
With TP’s monochrome illustrations in the text and a colour section, and addendum (story published in the Bucks Free Press, 8 October-23 December 1965): Talpress, 2015 (978-80-7197-551-9)

Danish: Tæppefolket, trs. Torben Nilsson, Borgens, 1,500 copies on 4 February 1993 (87-418-6633-9)
e-book and audio: Gyldendal [contracted, but not yet released]

Estonian: Vaibarahvas, trs.Eva Laur, Tiritamm, 1500 copies in May 1999 (9985-55-073-0) Used illustrations by Hieronymus Bosche on cover

French: Le Peuple du Tapis, trs. Patrick Marcel, J’ai Lu, December 1997 (2-290-04669-8)
New cover: 1999 (978-2-277-30268-1)
New cover: illus Frédéric Sorrentino, J’ai lu, 9 April 2009 (978-2-290-01761-6)

German: Die Teppichvölker, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne, c.8,071 copies in January 1994 (3-453-07369-X)
Heyne, with their – at that time – usual disregard for using appropriate cover designs,  used Kirby’s cover illustration for a book called Benedict’s Planet.
Reissue: Piper, July 2004 (978-3-492-28516-2)
Issued as an ebook 14 May 2012
Issued as a double volume, with Strata, Piper, October 2012 (978-3-492-26878-3)

Greek: Οι Χαλιμαντζαροι, trs. Ms. Anna Papastavrou, Patakis, 3,000 copies on 5 December 1996 (960-360-753-3)

 Hebrew: אנשי השטיח, Opus Press, 1994 (348-260, and Doubleday ISBN)

 Italian pbk: Il Popolo del Tappeto, trs. Angela Ragusa, Superjunior/Mondadori, March 1995 (88-04-39627-X)
Smaller pbk: I Miti Junior [Junior Myths]/Mondadori, May 1996 (88-04-41617-3)

Polish: Dywan, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 4,850 copies on 13 May 1997, 150 proofs (83-7120-489-2), reprinted 2002, 2006, 2011 (978-83-7510-607-7)

Russian: Vladimir Sekatchev [partner of Eksmo] c.2,000 copies

Slovak: Koberčania, trs. Vladislav Gális, Columbus, 2003 (90-7136-085-6)


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