The Dark Side of the Sun

UK hbk: Colin Smythe (jacket illus. the author), 921 copies on 10 May 1976. (0-901072-20-6)
Total printrun of the UK and US editions combined was 2,421 copies.

1st UK pbk: New English Library (cover illus. Tim White), ?12,500-15,000 copies on 2 March 1978 (0-450-03298-1)

2nd UK pbk: Corgi, 39,600 copies on 22 April 1988 (0-552-13326-4)
With the second 1993 printing the original Josh Kirby cover illustration was replaced by a new one that was subsequently used on the 1994 Doubleday edition

2nd UK hbk printing, first by this publisher: Doubleday, 3,700 copies on 1 April 1994 (0-385-40476-X)
500 copies of the first printing had a limitation notice printed on  the front end-paper: ‘No.     of an exclusive first printing of 500 copies of this edition.’, and were signed by the author. They were sold at the same price as those without this notice.

USA: St Martin’s Press, 1525 copies, June 1976 (0-312-18270-8)
These were printed as part of the Smythe print-run, with the American imprint on title, verso, spine and jacket. Invoiced to St Martin’s on 12 March 1976.

USA Braille: transcribed by the American Red Cross

Bulgarian: Тъмната страна на слънцето, trs. Svetlana Komogorova, Prozoretz, August 2000 (954-733-088-8)

Croatian: Zagrabacka Nacklada

Czech: Temná Strana Slunce, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Magnet-Press, c. March 1997 (80-85847-76-0)  bankrupt July 1997

Dutch 2-in-1 pbk: Delven [Strata] — De Donkere Kant van der Zon, Meulenhoff, May 1982 (90-290-1328-1) The Dark Side of the Sun, trs. Arend de Wilde.
First separate edition: De Donkere Kant van de Zon, Meulenhoff-M, May 1994 (90-290-4626-0)

French: La Face Obscure du Soleil, trs. Dominique Haas, Pocket, 16,000 copies on 1 April 1998 (2-266-07290-0) Used the Kirby illustration for Strata!
New printing with corrected Kirby cover, 27 May 2003 (2-266-11312-7)

German: 1. Der Sonne dunkle Seite, trs. Tony Westermayr, cover illus. Jürgen F.Rogner,  Goldmann, n.d., 10,000 copies on 2 August 1977 (3-442-23254-6)

2. Die dunkle Seite der Sonne, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne, 1989 (3-453-03902-5)
The first printing used as a cover illustration a detail from one Josh Kirby’s Voyage of the Ayeguy series (1980), ‘Death of a Spaceman’. The 1998 printing used the 1993 Kirby illustration actually painted for the book.
Reissue: Piper, July 2009 (978-3-492-28503-2)
Issued as an ebook: 16 July 2012

PolishTylko ty Możesz uratować ludzkość, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 2002 (83-7120-490-6)
Retitled: Ciemna strona Słońca, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 2010 (978-83-7510-608-4)

Russian: Страта, double volume, (cover illus. Tom Kidd), containing Темная сторона солнца (The Dark Side of the Sun) trs. A. Komarinets, and Страта (Strata), trs. L. Schëkotovoy, Eksmo and Sekachev, 2004 (5-699-06716-7, 5-88923-087-5)

Background image © Josh Kirby Estate, All Rights Reserved