Hogan Robert with Richard Burnham & Daniel P. Poteet
The Rise of the Realists, 1910-1915

The Rise of the Realists, 1910-1915


21.6 x 13.8 cm. Volume IV of The Modern Irish Drama series

The Rise of the Realists describes and documents Irish theatrical activity in the years of 1911 through 1915. In 1911, Synge’s last drama, the poetic Deirdre of the Sorrows, was produced, but a new group of realistic writers was emerging who were to shape the drama of the future – among them, St. John Ervine, Lennox Robinson and T. C. Murray.

These years also saw the Abbey Theatre touring three times to America, and being greeted by a riot in New York and by the arrest of the players in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, at home in Ireland, in Westport, George A. Birmingham’s General John Regan was greeted by a riot much more ferocious than that over Synge’s Playboy.

In Cork a new theatre group, the Cork Dramatic Society, produced the first work of Daniel Corkery, Terence MacSwiney, J. Bernard MacCarthy, Robinson, Murray and others. In Dublin, the Theatre of Ireland was superseded by the Irish Theatre in Hardwicke Street, which produced Edward Martyn, Thomas and John MacDonagh, Eimar O’Duffy and many continental plays, thereby paving the way for the Dublin Drama League and ultimately for the lasting work of the Gate Theatre.

For the first time, these neglected years of the modern Irish drama are thoroughly investigated.

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