Simms George Otto The Most Reverend
The Book of Kells

The Book of Kells

Edition: English language edition
ISBN: 0-85105-298-3 / 978-0-85105-298-4
Price: £2.99

Edition: German language edition - Das Buch von Kells
ISBN: 0-85105-373-4 / 978-0-85105-373-8
Price: £2.99

Edition: French language edition - Le Livre de Kells
ISBN: 0-85105-410-2 / 978-0-85105-410-0
Price: £2.99

Edition: Italian language edition - Il Libro di Kells
ISBN: 0-85105-506-0 / 978-0-85105-506-0
Price: £2.99

Edition: Spanish language edition - El Libro de Kells
ISBN: 0-85105-507-9 / 978-0-85105-507-7
Price: £2.99

Edition: Japanese language edition
ISBN: 0-85105-508-7 / 978-0-85105-508-4
Price: £2.99

24pp. 19.8cm  illustrated in colour and monochrome

Published in association  with the Library of Trinity College Dublin

The Book of Kells, one of Ireland's greatest treasures, has been in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, for about three hundred years and is recognised as one of the greatest illuminated manuscripts ever produced. Written in the Monastery of Kells in the early ninth century, it consists basically of the four Gospels in Latin, using a most skilfully composed uncial script and covering 340 leaves of vellum. In this short description, some of the major pages and a selection of some of the finest illuminated initial letters are reproduced; and the text by Dr Simms forms an introductory guide to the manuscript.

'A clear and informative account of the manuscript.'  Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries in Ireland

Designed by Liam Miller. The cover illustration is a detail from folio 291v, the Portrait of Saint John the Evangelist.


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