Book of the Burren
The Book of the Burren

The Book of the Burren


ISBN: 978-1-873821-15-2 2nd edition, paperback

20.6 x 22.0 cm   264 pp.     2001     illus in colour and monochrome

This book's first edition, published in 1991, was part of a growing affirmation of the importance of the Burren, a hymn to its diversity, beauty and singularity.
Ten years later, our contributors describe how the natural heritage of the Burren depends on traditional farming practices and why the impact of booming tourism has not been entirely beneficial. This 2nd edition published in 2001 also updates the natural history and archaeology and includes new chapters on poets and artists in the Burren.

"The Book of the Burren is a guide, a reference book, and, in the loving particularity of its illustrations, a hymn to this corner of Ireland."
Nuala O'Faolain, The Irish Times

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