ISBN: 978-0-85105-904-4

21.6 x 13.8 cm.     127 pp.
First published 1985 (Dolmen Press hardcover)  first paperback (Colin Smythe) 1995
Drawings by Raymond Mullan

In Elsewhere Belemus Duck, aged thirteen, a boy of normal appearance, describes a series of unexpected adventures he had when he was still twelve years old. He doesn't quite know how or why they they happened to him, but he is very glad they did, and sets them out here so other people can have a go at them. His excursions into the places of Elsewhere show him mystery, trickery, oddness, a bit of old-fashioned cavalry charging, and a good measure of peril and danger. On the way he meets a pleasant skull, a sad king, the atrocious Mister Creek, the strangely admirable Top Harry, and other characters, desirable and undesirable. Belemus weathers his adventures and reaches thirteen, only to find he misses them very much indeed. But here they are now for the reader as he or she wishes to try them.

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