The twenty-second novel in the Discworld Series

UK hbk: Doubleday, 93,500 copies on 1 May 1998 (0-385-40989-3)
Book proof: 100 copies
There were two issues of the first printing: an initial quantity for Australia (to ensure exclusivity in that market) – about 10,000 copies – with deep blue end-papers and plain spine blocking, and those for the home market in which the spine blocking used the same lettering as on the dustjacket, and had red end-papers. The first reprint combined the deep blue end-papers and the second style of spine blocking.
Streamer (home ref): 066321 (called ISBN but not)
Discworld: The Unseen University Collection (hbk, cover engraving by Joe McLaren): Doubleday, 20 October 2016 (978-0-857-52414-0)

Pbk: Corgi, early edition 77,500 copies, main edition 272,000 copies 30 April 1999 (0-552-14614-5), reprinted 1999 and numerous times thereafter
B-format, with black/gold photographic design cover, February 2006 (0-552-15418-0)
B-format, with modified Kirby design, Corgi, 10 October 2013 (978-0-552-16760-4)

Book club: BCA, 1998 (CN 1952)

Large print hbk: Charnwood [Thorpe/Ulverscroft], 2005 (1-84395-642-X)

USA hbk: HarperPrism (jacket illus. Douglas Paul Designs ), March 1999 (0-06-105048-2)
Book proof: number uncertain
Pbk: HarperPrism (cover design as for hbk), February 2000 (0-06-105907-2)
Issued under HarperTorch imprint, 10/00 (same ISBN as above)
Reissued with new cover, HarperTorch, 26 October 2004 (same ISBN as above)
Premium pbk: Harper, 29 April 2014 (978-0-06-228019-0)

US book club: Science Fiction Book Club Selection, March 1999 (cover as for hbk) 5 February 1999 (ref. 05512)

: Последният Континент, trs. Vladimir Zarkov, Vuzev/Arhont-V, ?March 2000 (954-422-056-9)

Czech: Poslední Kontinent, trs. Jan Kantůrek Talpress, 10,000 copies September 1999 (80-7197-151-0)

Dutch: Het Jongste Werelddeel, trs.Venugopalan Ittekot (pseud. of Ruurd Groot), Het Spectrum, August 2001 (90-274-7366-8)

Estonian: Viimane Manner, trs. Allan Eichenbaum, jacket illus. Hillar Mets, Varrak, March 2006 (9985-3-1205-8)

Finnish: Viimeinen manner, trs. Mika Kivimäki, Karisto, April 2008 (978-951-23-4966-1)

French: Le Dernier Continent, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, September 2003 (2-84172-250-3)
Reissue, with new introduction by Terry Pratchett (dated September 2014), 23 March 2017 (978-2-84172-802-2)
Mass-market pbk: Pocket, November 2007 (978-2-266-17415-2)
Pbk with Marc Simonetti cover: Pocket, August 2011 (978-2-266-21202-1)

German trade pbk: Heiße Hüpfer, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Goldmann, October 1999 (3-442-21646-9)
Mass-market pbk: Goldmann, May 2004 (3-442-44232-X)

Hungarian: Kallódó kontinens, trs. Csaba Járdán, Delta Vision, 8 December 2011 (978-963-9679-96-2)

Polish: Ostatni kontynent, trs. Piotr W.Cholewa, Prószyński i S-ka, c.4,000 copies, 2006 (83-7469-178-6)

Romanian: Poslednji kontinent, trs. ?  Laguna, c.December 2010 [not yet seen]

Russian: Последний континент, trs. S. Uvbarkh & A. Zhikarentsev, Eksmo, c. 8,000 copies in 2005 (5-699-12841-7)
new edition: Eksmo, 2014 (978-5-699-19242-7)

Serbian: Laguna

Spanish: El País del Fin del Mundo, trs. Albert Solé, Plaza y Janés, January 2000 (84-01-32792-X)
Pbk: Debols!llo/Plaza y Janés, January 2001 (84-8450-429-8, vol.342/9)
Reissue in new format (8th printing): 4/03 (84-9759-681-1)
2nd edition [printing] in this format, April 2004 (same ISBN as above)
Massmarket: Bestseller/Bols!llo, February 2010 (978-84-9908-594-4)
 Revised cover: Debols!llo, March 2016 (same ISBN as above)
Kiosk edition: Altaya, 2009 (978-84-487-2628-7)

Swedish: Den Sista Kontinenten, trs. Mats Blomqvist, Wahlströms, 2008 (978-91-7351-376-0)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Marc Simonetti