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Purchasing Discworld related items ( formally known as PJSM prints)
Discworld Emporium
Ales By Mail (Discworld Beers)>
Micro Arts Studios (Discworld Miniatures)
Backspindle Games ( Guards! Guards! and Clacks board games)
Lyndisfarne Cross Stitch Kits
Discworld Monthly
Paul Kidby
Mark Ayling
Spineless Classsics – The Colour of Magic book
ISIS audiobooks
Josh Kirby
Stephen Player
Marc Simonetti
Wossname/Klatchian Foreign Legion
CMOT Dibbler is closed - USE
Discworld Convention 2016
Irish Discworld Convention 2017
Nullus Anxietas VI, Australia 2017
The Studio Theatre Club -for all new Pratchett productions:
Victor Gollancz/Orion
Steve Jackson Games
N. American Discworld Convention
German Discworld Convention