The Unadulterated Cat

Illustrated by Gray Jolliffe

UK large format Pbk: Gollancz, 50,250 copies on 5 October 1989 (0-575-04628-7)
Book proof: part-proof, containing sample pages 1, 2 (containing copyright details from 4), 3, 6-14, 18-27, 36-45, 55-63, 82-85, and proof of cover, with folded-in front flap. Quantity unknown, but probably about 200 copies.
Standard pbk: Gollancz, 42,750 copies on 10 September 1992 (0-575-05369-0)
Issued with new cover design: Gollancz, 10,000 copies on 25 May 1995 (0-575-06104-9)
Issued under Gollancz’s Vista imprint , 5,000 copies on 5 December 1996 (0-575-0155-8). Although the title verso of the book states that it was printed in 1997, and I was informed it was to be published on 20 February 1997, royalty sheets give the  earlier date and show sales in the relevant accounting period. Evidently pre-Christmas 1996 sales were greater than expected, so copies of the new printing were sold early.
Issued by Orion Books, November 1999 (0-75283-715-X)
Reissued as hbk, with additional illustrations, and pagination increased from 128pp to 160pp: Gollancz September 2002 (0-7528-5369-4)

Bulgarian: 1) Автентичната котка, trs. Svetlana Komogorova-Komata, Prozoretz, 2000, (954-733-161-2)
2) Prozoretz

Czech: Nefalšovaná Kočka, trs. Tomáš Hrách, Talpress, 1993 (80-85609-19-3)

Dutch: De Echte Kat: Felix vulgaris, trs. Joke Meijer, Het Spectrum, 5,000 copies in 1993 (90-274-3264-3)

Finnish: Tosikissa ei Kirppuja Kiroile, trs. Seppo Hyrkäs, Art House, ?July 1990 (951-884-099-7)

French: Sacrés Chats!, trs. & adapt. Marguerite Schneider-English, City Editions, ?March 2004 (2-915320-08-X)
New edition:  City Editions, 30 January 2008 (978-2-352-88125-4)

German: 1).Echte Katzen tragen niemals Schleifen, trs. Sonja Hauser, Knaur, January 1991 (3-426-02792-5)
2). retitled Die gemeine Hauskatze, Goldmann, May 2005 (3-442-45557-X)

Hungarian: Az Igazi Macska, trs. Ecsedy Csaba, Gondolat, 1991 (963-282-406-7)

Italian: 1. Il Gatto D.O.C., tr by L.C., Sperling & Kupfer, November 1990 (88-200-1096-8)
2. retitled  Il Gatto non adulterato, trs. Valentina Daniele, Salani, November 2015 (978-88-6715-483-8)

Korean: 순수고양이, trs. Semi Kim, Screen M & B, 2007 (978-89-91919-06-8)

Polish: Kot w stanie czystym, trs. Piotr W. Cholewa, Prószyński i S-ka, 2005 (83-7469-185-9)

Russian: 1. Кот без дураков,  trs. V. Lanchikov, Vagrius (Moscow) & Belvagrius (Minsk), 22 August 1994 (5-7027-0038-4)
2. Pocketbook series, Кот без прикрас, trs. N. Allunan, Eksmo, 5,000 copies 21 January 2014 (978-5-699-56938-0); new printing 8 February 2017.
‘100 Essential Books’ series: Eksmo, 3 April 2017 (978-5-699-96171-9)

Serbian/Yugoslav: trs. Dejan Papić, Laguna/ReVision 2001 (86-7304-???) not seen

Swedish: Riktigi Katter Bär inte Rosett, trs. Karl G. and Lilian Fredriksson, Legenda, 1990 (91-582-1726-6)

Turkish: Yozlaşmamiş Kedi, trs. Niran Elçi, Ithaki, May 2011 (978-605-375-122-9)


Forget the Kit-E-Kat – is your cat a REAL cat? Not some pampered fat neutered cutsie object, but a sly slinky feline full of guile who does not answer to ‘Pussy’?
  Real cats have chewed ears. Real cats never wear bows, never appear on Christmas cards or chase anything with a bell on it. Real cats hear the fridge door opening two rooms away. Real cats catch things and eat nearly all of their prey. Real cats turn their nose up at gold plated tinned stuff recommended by women on t.v. Real cats never wear flea collars. Does yours match up?
  From the Campaign For Real Cats comes a new book, The Unadulterated Cat, which guides you through the process of how to spot a Real Cat and what makes it tick. And you can rest assured that yours will be in there. Need some solidarity? Get into it.
Up Town (Manchester)

Real cats are the subject of The Unadulterated Cat … a humorous Cat Book which is actually very funny. Real cats have names like Yaageroffoutofityarbastard and have faces that look as though they’ve been put in a vice and hit repeatedly with a hammer in a sock.      Tim Hulse in The Sunday Correspondent

The next book is in the ‘Okay, so it’s not SF, but who cares, it’s brilliant and you’ve got to go out and buy it’ category. Terry Pratchett has done it again with The Unadulterated Cat, a hilarious examination of what makes a real cat so bloody-mindedly impossible to live with, yet so compellingly lovable.   Fear

Anyone who appreciates Yaageroffoutofityarbastard as the only possible name for a REAL cat will love this. Bristol Evening Post

Through a complementary blend of cartoon and comic prose the author’s campaign for real cats is launched, helping readers to recognise a real cat when they see one. If you didn’t know that real cats never wear flea collars, or appear on birthday cards, then read on.   Extra (John Menzies Magazine – freebie)

…the Christmas cat book.   The Bookseller

If you prefer cat realism, The Unadulterated Cat is an hilarious look at cat behaviour, illness and games …. it’s a book to make you laugh out loud.    Doncaster Star

Can you tell a real cat when you see one? They’re never like the ones in the adverts. They have ears that look like they’ve been trimmed with pinking shears and can hear a fridge door opening two rooms away. Recognise that? Then this is for you.
Peter Finch in Wales on Sunday

Cover illustration © and reproduced by kind permission of Gray Jolliffe