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The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy

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Only You Can Save Mankind

Shortlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award

UK hbk: Doubleday (cover illus. David Scutt), 16,700 copies on 17 September 1992 (0-385-40308-9)
Book proof: number uncertain
Pbk: Corgi, (cover illus. David Scutt) 122,000 copies on 23 September 1993 (0-552-13926-2). The 13th printing (October 1999) had a modified cover design, by John Avon.
Reissued in two formats with new cover artwork by, Corgi, May 2004 (B-format: 0-552-55103-1; mass-market 0-552-55111-2) The first printing of the mass-market printing lacked a line of text on the back cover, so apart from a handful of copies, the entire print-run was destroyed.
Reissue: with extra ‘Author’s Note’ dated 2004, new cover design: Corgi, 2004 (0-552-55411-1)
Special Limited Edition of 1,000 numbered copies printed for the World Première of the musical at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 4/8/04 (0-552-55285-2). These had a cover design based on the publicity artwork for the musical. They were sold at the performances and at a special signing session carried out by TP at Ottakars in Edinburgh. There were 80 unnumbered copies that were or should have been marked ‘o/s’ [out of series]
B-format with Kidby cover: Corgi, 6 June 2013 (978-0552-55103-8)
Pbk, illustrated by Mark Beech, Corgi, 22 February 2018 (978-0-552-57679-6)

Large print: Galaxy/Chivers, 1996 (0-7451-4957-X)

BBC radio [Writers Guild nomination for the Best Children’s Series]

USA hbk: HarperCollins 5 July 2005 (trade 0-06-054185-7; Library 0-06-065186-5) This has an extra introduction by TP as in UK
Pbk: HarperTrophy, 25 July 2006 (0-06-054187-3)

Bulgarian: Само Ти Можеш Да Сласиш Света, trs. Svetlana Komogorova, Prozoretz, 3,500 copies on 10 September 1997 (954-8079-70-4)

Czech: Johny jen ty můžeš Zachránit Lidstvo, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 4,000 copies on 9 February 1998, 30 proofs (80-7197-141-3)
Pbk, with Paul Kidby cover illustration: Talpress, 2015 (978-80-7197-543-4)

Dutch: Alleen Jij Kunt Ons Redden, trs. Lieke van Duin, Het Spectrum, 3,000 copies on 6 June 1994 (90-274-3220-1)

Estonian: Vaid sina suudad inimkonna päästa, trs. Andris Feldmanis, Varrak, January 2007  (9985-3-1337-2)

French: Le Sauveur de l’Humanite, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, April 1994 (2-905158-89-1)
Pbk: Pocket Jeunesse, March 1998 (J366, 2-266-08180-2)
This and the later Maxwell titles are stated to be published by Pocket Junior on the  front cover and spine, by Pocket Jeunesse on the back cover and in the book itself, except on the title page which gives L’Atalante as the publisher. Looks rather curious but would appear to be standard Pocket procedure.
Pbk: Pocket Junior, 22 April 1999 (2-266-609292-8) not seen

German: Nur Du kannst die Menschheit retten, trs. Sabine Schmidt, C.Bertelsmann (cover illus. David Scutt), 10,000 copies on 1 August 1994 (3-570-12075-9)
Pbk: Goldmann, 20,000 copies on 1 August 1996 (3-442-42633-2)

Italian: È solo un gioco, Johnny!, trs. Angela Ragusa, cover illus.Franz e Pablo, Mondadori, September 2000 (88-04-48276-1)

Korean: Game (published but no copies yet seen)

Lithuanian: Tik tu gali išgelbėti žmoniją, trs. Elena Macevičiūtė, Bonus Animus, 2011 (978-9955-754-24-4)

Polish: Tylko ty możesz uratować ludzkość, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 4,928 copies on 23 May 1997, 152 proofs (83-7120-490-6)

Romanian: Corint Junior [not seen]

Russian: Только ты можешь спасти человечество, trs. E. Aleksandrova, Moscow: Eksmo / St Petersburg: Domuho, 4 August 2004 (5-699-07386-8)

?the trilogy in a single volume: Eksmo

 Serbian: Laguna, 2005 [not seen]

 Slovak: Columbus, c.March 2002 [not seen]

 Slovenian radio: RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

 Spanish: 1) Sólo tu puedes salvar a la Humanidad, trs. Miguel Martínez-Lage, Alfaguara, 7,000 copies on 28 July 1994 (84-204-4840-0) [Amazon dates it as 11 May 1994]
2): Sólo Tú Puedes Salvar a la Humanidad, trs. Albert Vitó i Godina, Timon Mas/Planeta, November 2009 (978-84-480-3824-3)

Swedish: Bara du kan rädda mänskligheten, trs. Peter Lindforss, Wahlströms, 4,000 copies in August 1998 (91-32-32265-8)

Turkish: 1) İnsanliği Ancak Sen Kurtarirsin, trs. Güler Siper, Dost Kitabevi, December 2001 (975-8457-93-4)
2) İnsanliği Ancak Sen Kurtarabilirsin, trs. Niran Elçi, Tudem, 3,000 copies in March 2011 (978-9944-69-534-3)
3) reissue with new cover and interior illustrations by Mark Beech, Tudem, Autumn 2019 (978-605-285-257-6)

Welsh: Dim Ond Ti All Achub y Ddynoliaeth, trs. Aled P. Jones, Gwasg Gwynedd, 1,000 copies in March 1998 (0-86074-144-3)

Johnny and the Dead

Winner of the 1993 Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Best Children’s Book Award. Shortlisted for the 1994 Carnegie Medal.

UK hbk: Doubleday (cover illus. John Avon), 22,400 copies on 27 May 1993 (0-385-40301-1)
Book proof: number uncertain
After the book’s publication, ten copies were bound in quarter dark blue artificial leather and cloth boards and signed by TP as prizes for a competition run by Books Etc. – one for each of their then branches. The publishers’ binders used the same gold blocking on the spine as for the trade binding.
Pbk: Corgi, 122,500 copies on 3 March 1994 (0-552-52740-8);
TV tie-in cover, 35,000 copies in April 1995 (0-552-52842-0)
The 7th printing (October 1999) had a modified cover design
Reissued in two formats with new cover artwork by, Corgi, May 2004
(B-format: 0-552-55106-6; mass-market: 0-552-55112-0)
B-format with Kidby cover: Corgi, 6 June 2013 (978-0-552-55106-9)
Pbk, illustrated by Mark Beech: Corgi, 28 June 2018 (978-0-552-57677-2)

Large print: Galaxy/Chivers, 1997 (0-7451-8925-3) 

USA hbk: HarperCollins, 1 March 2006 (0-06-054188-1; library 0-06-054189-X)
Uncorrected proof: quantity unknown
Pbk: HarperTrophy, 2007 (978-0-06-054190-3)

Bulgarian: Джони И Умрелите, trs. Svetlana Komogorova, Prozoretz, 2,200 copies on 19 October 1998 (954-8079-85-2)

Czech: Johnny a Mrtví, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress 3,000 copies in June 1999 (80-7197-048-4)
Pbk, with Paul Kidby cover illustration: Talpress, 2015 (978-80-7197-544-1)

Danish: Johnny og de Døde, trs. Torben Nilsson, Borgens, 1,200 copies on 21 March 1995 (87-21-00038-7)

Dutch: Wiy pikken het niet langer!, trs. Vincent van der Linden, Het Spectrum, 3,000 copies on 1 September 1994 (90-274-4024-7)

Estonian: Johnny ja surnud, trs. Andris Feldmanis, Varrak, September 2007 (978-9985-3-1482-1)

French: Johnny et les Morts, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, May 1995 (2-84172-009-8)
Pbk: Pocket Jeunesse, 18 November 1998 (J442, 2-266-08361-9)

German: Nur Du kannst sie verstehen, trs. Emily Pichelsteiner, C.Bertelsmann, 8,000 copies on 1 September 1995 (3-570-12113-5)
Pbk: Goldmann, 15,000 copies on 1 July 1997 (3-442-42634-0)

Italian: L’Impossibile Avventura di J.M., trs. Angela Ragusa, Mondadori, October 1996 (88-04-42199-1)

Japanese: ?trs. Yukiko Kounosu, Kodansha, 25,262 copies on 15 August 1994 (4-06-185775-4)

Lithuanian: Džonis ir mirusieji, trs. Elena Macevičiūtė, Bonus Animus, 2013 (978-9955-754-28-2)

Polish: Johnny I Zmarli, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 4,600 copies on 17 September 1997, 400 proofs (83-7120-491-4)

Romanian: Corint Junior

Russian: Eksmo

Serbian: Džoni i Mrtvaci, trs. Nikola Pajvančić, Laguna, 1500 copies in 2007 (978-86-7436-719-3)

Spanish: Johnny y los muertos, trs. Albert Vitó I Godina, Timun Mas/Scyla, September 2010 (978-84-480-3825-0)

Swedish: Johnny och döden, trs. Peter Lindforss, Wahlströms, 4,000 copies in January 1999 (91-32-32335-2)

Turkish: 1) Johnny ve ölüler, trs.Güler Siper, Dost, December 2003 (975-298-101-1)
2) Johnny ve ölüler, trs. Niran Elçi, Tudem, March 2013 (978-9944-69-668-5)
3) Reissue with new title and illustrations by Mark Beech: Hayaletleri Ancak SEN Anlayabilirsin [Only You Can Understand Ghosts],  Tudem, September 2019 (978-605-285-258-3)

Welsh: Joni a’r Meirwon, trs. Aled P. Jones, Gwasg Gwynedd, 1,500 copies in January 1997 (0-86074-132-X)

Johnny and the Bomb

Winner of 1996 Silver Smarties Prize

UK hbk: Doubleday (jacket illus. Larry Rostant), 24,900 copies on 4 April 1996 (0-385-40670-3)
Bookproof: number uncertain
Pbk: Corgi (cover illus. John Avon), 105,000 copies on 1 February 1997 (0-552-52968-0)
Reissued in two formats with new cover artwork by, Corgi, May 2004
(B-format: 0-552-55104-X; mass-market: 0-552-55104-X)
B-format with Kidby cover: Corgi, 6 June 2013 (978-0552-55104-5)
Pbk, illustrated by Mark Beech, Corgi c. 23 August 2018

Large print: Galaxy/Chivers, 1 November 1997 (0-7540-6000-4)

USA hbk: HarperCollins, 3 April 2007 (Trade 978-06-054191-9; Library 0-06-054192-X)
Pbk: HarperTrophy, April 2008 (978-0-06-054193-4)

Bulgarian: Джони И Бомбата, trs. Svetlana Komogorova, Prozoretz, 2,800 copies on 3 March 1998 (954-733-039-X)

Czech: Johnny a Bomba, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress 3,000 copies in ?June 2000 (80-7197-119-7)
Pbk, with Paul Kidby cover illustration: Talpress, 2015 (978-80-7197-545-8)

Danish: Johnny og Bomben, trs. Torben Nilsson, Borgen, 1,200 copies on 6 May 1998 (87-21-00564-8)

Estonian: Johnny ja Pomm, trs. Andris Feldmanis, Varrak, December 2007 (978-9985-3-1548-4)

French: Johnny et la Bombe, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, April 1997 (2-84172-049-7)
Pbk: Pocket Jeunesse, June 1999 (J492, 2-266-08362-7)

German pbk: Nur Du hast den Schlüssel, trs. Regina Winter, Goldmann, 18,000 copies on   1 November 1997 (3-442-43817-9)

Italian: J.M. e la Bomba, trs. Angela Ragusa, Junior Mondadori, March 1998 (88-04-44974-8)

Lithuanian: Bonus Animus [not seen]

Polish: Johnny I Bomba, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 4,700 copies on 21 November 1997, 300 proofs (83-7120-492-2)

Romanian: Corint Junior

Russian: Джонни и Бомба, trs. Nat Allunan, Moscow: Eksmo/St Petersburg: Domuho, 25 February 2005 (5-699-10121-7)

Serbian: Džoni I Bomba, trs. Nikola Pajvančić, Laguna, 2008 (978-86-7436-830-5)

Slovak: Columbus, c.9/02 [not seen]?

Spanish: Johnny y la Bomba, trs. Albert Vitó i Godina, Timun Mas/Scyla, February 2010 (978-84-480-3826-7)

Swedish: Johnny och bomben, trs. Peter Lindforss, Wahlströms, 4,000 copies in May 1999 (91-32-32369-7)

Turkish: 1) Johnny ve Bambalar, trs. Güler Siper, Dost, January 2004 (975-298-102-X)
2) Johnny ve Bomba, trs. Niran Elçi, Tudem, 2013 (978-9944-69-771-2)
3) Zamani Ancak SEN Durdurabilirsin [Only You Can Stop Time], reissue with new title and illustrations by Mark Beech, Tudem, October 2019 (978-605-285-256-9)





Unabridged Audio

Issued by Chivers Children’s Audio Books
(read by Richard Michley)

Only You Can Save Mankind
1997 (4CCA 3424; 0-7451-7389-6)
CDs CHCD 791, 978-1-4084-0346-4)

Johnny and the Dead
11/97 (4CCA 3440; 0-7540-5002-5)
CDs CHCD 022, 0-7540-6522-7)

Johnny and the Bomb
11/97 (4CCA 34662; 0-7540-5024-6)
CDs CHCD957, 978-1-4084-0544-4)


Issued by Corgi
(read by Tony Robinson)

Only You Can Save Mankind
10/5/95 (0-552-14008-2)

Johnny and the Dead
10/5/95 (0-552-14033-3)
8/10/07 978-1-846-57667-6

Johnny and the Bomb
1996 (0-552-14458-4)
8/10/07 978-1-846-57666-9


Johnny and the Dead
  Royal National Institute for the Blind

Johnny and the Bomb
Royal National Institute for the Blind



(Adapted by Stephen Briggs)

Johnny and the Dead
Oxford Playscripts, 1996 (0-19-831294-6)



Johnny and the Dead
Originally broadcast by London Weekend Television in 4 weekly episodes, starting 4.40 pm Tuesday 4/4/95.
Transmitted in Czech Republic; France (TFI); Germany (ARD); Hong Kong; Iceland; Indonesia; Netherlands; Slovenia; USA.

Warner Vision International, 1995 (0630 10906-3)


CD of incidental music from the television adaptation by Stefan Girardet
Weekend Records (CD Week 106; EAN 50185224096022)

BBC/Childsplay (50-51011-4733-26)


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