The third novel in the Discworld Series

UK hbk: demy 8vo: Victor Gollancz in association with Colin Smythe, 2,850 copies on 15 January 1987 (0-575-03950-7).  After Smythe became TP’s agent, the co-publishing arrangement ceased, later printings appearing under Gollancz’s sole imprint. Reprinted six times, then reissued as 9” x 6” (22.9 x 15.2cm) hbk, 2,750 copies 14 November 1996 (0-575-06410-2)
Also issued as a promotional edition by W.H.Smith 2001 (0-304-36425-8)
Bookproof: no records available but probably 50-100 (I’ve only ever seen one in 13 years – Gollancz seemed unaware that they had actually produced any. The rarity is doubtless caused by TP not having been collectible at the time)
Compact edition: Gollancz, c. 20,000 copies on 16 November 1995 (0-575-06166-9)
Discworld Collector’s Library: The Witches Collection (hbk, cover engraving by Joe McLaren): Gollancz, 20 March 2014 (8-1-473-20020-3)

Large print: Isis, 1994 (1-85695-387-4)

Pbk: Corgi, 61,000 copies on 13 November 1987 (0-552-13105-9), reprinted 1987, 1988 (twice), 1989, 1990 (twice), 1991, 1992 (twice), 1993, reset 1994, increasing pagination from 208 to 288, reprinted 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 (twice) etc.

New issue, B-format with black/gold photographic design cover, on sale at same time as Kirby edition, 1 September 2004 (0-552-15260-9)
Reissued B-format with modified Kirby cover: Corgi, 21 June 2012 (978-0-552-16661-4)

Book Club: BCA, 1998, (CN 5042)
BCA’s Unseen Library: 7,000 copies in November 2001 (CN7218)

USA pbk: Signet (NAL) (with Kirby cover), September 1988 (0-451-15704-4)
Issued with Roc imprint (0-451-45092-2)

Mass-market: HarperPaperbacks, cover illus. Ben Perrini, February 2000 (0-06-102069-9)
This promotional edition also contains the 16 page section entitled ‘The World of Terry Pratchett’ that appears at the end of the advance reader’s edition of The Fifth Elephant.
Trade pbk: HarperPaperbacks, October 2005 (0-06-085592-4)

Equal Rites also formed part of a reissue of the first three Discworld novels to coincide with the publication of Thud! This includes ‘Inside – a sneak peek at Terry Pratchett’s new novel, Thud!’, with 12 pages from that novel – see note to The Color of Magic.
Premium pbk: Harper Premium, 29 January 2013 (978-0-06-222569-6)
Library hbk of pbk: Turtleback, ?March 2008 or earlier (0-613-57808-9)

US book club: Science Fiction Book Club Selection, October 1988 (jacket art by Thomas Kidd) 15 September 1988 (ref. 13931)

Bahasa Indonesian: Equal Rites, trs. Anom S dan Shandy T, PT Elex Media Komputindo, 27 July 2011 (978-602-00-0411-2)

Brazilian/Portuguese: Direitos Iguais Rituais Iguais, trs. Roberto DeNice, Conrad, 2002 (85-87193-41-4)

Bulgarian: 1. Еманципира Магия, trs. Mirela Khristova, Vuzev, 11,450 copies in 6/94 (954-422-014-3)
2. Retranslated, by Vladimir Zarkov, Vuzev, 2,000 copies on 19/4/01 (954-422-064-X)

Catalan: Igualtat de Ritus,  trs. Ernest Riera, Mai Mes, 1250 copies, 2020

Chinese/mainland (simplified): 1. Science Fiction World Magazine, 2007 (978-7-5364-6257-1)
2. Dook Shanghai [contracted but not yet published – Witches series 2019-2020]

Croatian: 1) Jednakost Rituala, trs. Drago žtajduhar, Marjan Tisak, 2003 (953-214-060-3)
2) Hangar 7

Czech: 1aroprávnost, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 7,000 copies in June 1994, (80-85609-54-1)
Reset: Talpress, 2007 (978-80-7197-388-1)
Omnibus, with Mort: with pencil illustrations by Paul Kidby, Talpress, April 2009 (978-80-7197-371-3)

Danish: 1. Heksekunst og Højere Magi, trs. Hans Palle Mortensen, Tellerup, 1991 (87-88133-31-1)
2. Den Ottende Datter, trs. Hans Palle Mortensen, Borgen, May 2004 (87-21-02188-0)

Dutch: Meidezeggenschap, trs. Venugopalan Ittekot (pseud. of Ruurd Groot), Het Spectrum, 7,000 copies in 1992 (90-274-2901-4)
Reissue: Mynx, 2008 (978-90-225-5115-8)
Schijfwereldomnibus nr.1
(omnibus edition with The Colour of Magic and Light   Fantastic), Het Spectrum, 4,000 copies in 1998 (90-274-6338-7)

Reissue: Uitgeverij M/De Boekerij, April 2003 (90-225-3496-0)
Double volume (with Mort): De Schijfwereld, Uitgeverij M [De Boekerij], 2005 (90-225-4261-0)

Estonian: Võluv Võrdsus, trs. Aet Varik, jacket illus. Hillar Mets, Varrak, 1500 copies on 15 June 1999 (9985-3-0177-3)
Second printing: Varrak, June 2011 (978-9985-3-2293-2)
Third printing: Varrak, 2021 (978-9985-3-5268-7)

Finnish: Johan Riitti!, trs. Marja Sinkkonen, Karisto, October 2001 ( (951-23-4242-1)
Pbk: Karisto, December 2002,  (951-23-4403-3)

French: La Huitième Fille, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, April 1994 (2-905158-84-0)
Reissue, with new introduction by Terry Pratchett (dated September 2014), 21 November 2014 (978-2-84172-692-9)

Pbk: Pocket, March 1998 (2-266-08069-5)
Pbk with Marc Simonetti cover: Pocket, April 2011 (978-2-266-21183-3)

Georgian: Ilia State University Press, [not yet published]

German: Das Erbe des Zauberers, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne (06/4584), 1989 (3-453-03451-1) with cover illustration a detail from ‘The Arrival of the Ark’ from Josh   Kirby’s The Voyage of the Ayeguy seriesCalled by Heyne the second in the Discworld series. Reprinted with the correct cover illustration in 2000.
Reissued in Heyne’s Allgemeine Reihe series, September 2000 (1/12185, 3-453-17058-X)
Republished by Piper, January 2005 (3-492-28502-2)
Reissued with new cover design by Katarzyna Oleska, Piper, May 2015 (978-3-492-28060-0)
All nine Piper Discworld titles issued in a box.with spines combining to create a single image by Katarzyna Oleska, illustrator of all the covers, Piper, 8 June 2015 (978-3-492-28080-8)

Bookclub hbk: derclub, 2001 (00206 3)

Double volume Die Scheibenwelt (with The Light Fantastic/Das Licht der Phantasie), Heyne, 1994 (3-453-07339-8) with the Kirby Majipoor ‘Valentine’s Arch’ picture.

Republished by Piper, 11/04 (3-492-28515-5) This uses the Kirby illustration for the first Discworld computer game
Bookclub edition of above: Das Licht der Phantasie, Das Erbe des Zauberers, Boulevard Taschenbuch (Goldmann) ?May 1998 (ref. 00538 9) using the Light Fantastic illustration.
 Die Magie der Scheibenwelt December 2002 (3-453-86367-4; 06/9300) The first three novels in one, with foreword by Neil Gaiman. Revised cover design 4th printing October 2009 (978-3-492-28519-3)
Double pbk volume with Der Zauberhut (Sourcery), Piper ‘Scheibenwelt im Doppelpack’, April 2011 (978-2-492-26779-3)
Double pbk volume with Wachen! Wachen!, Piper, September 2014 (978-3-492-26963-6)

Greek: Νευρικεσ Μαγισσεσ, trs. Lil Ioannidou, Alter Para Pente, 1994 (99-8011-395-2)

Hebrew: פולחני כשף, trs. Nurit Sharabi, Kinneret, c. December 1996 (965-286-496-X)

Hungarian: 1. Egyenjogú Rítusok, trs. István Nemes and Judit Nemes, Cherubion Könyvkiadó,  c.4,200 copies in c. August 1999 (963-9110-55-8)
2. Egyenjogú Rítusok, trs. Veronika Farkas, Delta Vision, 15 September 2010 (978-963-9890-76-3)

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2. L’Arte della Magia, trs. Natalia Callori, Tea (Salani/Longanesi), cover illus. Serena   Riglietti, March 2000 (88-7818-268-0)
3.  black/gold jacket, TEA, 2009 (978-88-502-1778-6)
Hbk: Salani, June 2016 (978-88-6918-790-2)

Japanese: [Madoshi Esukarina] trs. Norito Kuga, H.Kawaguchi/Sanyusha, 10 July 1997 (4-88322-622-0)

Macedonian: Ars Lamina  [not yet published]

Norwegian: Trollmannens stav, trs. Rolf Andersen, Tiden Norsk, 2,500 copies on 21 September 1999 (82-10-04418-4)

Polish: Równoumagicznienie, trs. Piotr W. Cholewa, pbk Fantastyka S-ka/ Prószyński i S-ka,  1996 (83-86868-70-8)
Hbk: Prószyński i S-ka, 2002 (83-7337-219-9)
Pbk: Prószyński i S-ka, 2006 (83-7469-257-X)

Portuguese: Ritos Iguais, trs. Mária Dias Correai, Temas & Debates, November 2003 (972-759-556-1)
Bookclub: Circulo de Leitores, July 2004 (972-42-3231-X; 1017209)

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2. Eksmo, 10,100 copies in October 2001 (5-04-008464-1)
New edition, 2006 (5-699-15628-3)
New edition with monochrome cover with Paul Kidby image reversed out in white; Eksmo, January 2018
New pbk edition with Kirby jacket and flaps:  Eksmo, 9 June 2018 (978-5-04-094652-4)

Double volume:Творцы заклинаний: романы, Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters, Eksmo, 2015 (978-5-699-78911-5)

Serbian: Jednakost Rituala, trs. Dejan Papić, Laguna/ReVision in their Octarin series, 1999 (86-7436-001-7)

Slovakian: Ćarovné práva, trs.Vladislav Gális, Talpress, 1,500 copies in June 2005 (80-7197-255-X)
2) Slovart, June 2021 (978-80-556-5136-1)

Slovenian: Ucila [not seen, ?never published?]

Spanish: Ritos Iguales, trs. Cristina Macía, Martínez Roca, 1991 (84-270-1521-6)
bookclub: Circulo de Lectores (cover and endpaper illus. Antonio Muños) 1998 (84-226- 7398-3)
Pbk: Plaza & Janés, January 1998 (col. Jet 84-01-46161-8, vol.342/3, 84-01-47942-8)
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New format Bestseller: October 2004 (84-9793-020-7)
Kiosk edition: Altaya, 2008 (978-84-487-2574-7)

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2). Wahlströms 1998 (91-32-32237-2)
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Ukrainian: Романа романишин, trs. Oleksandr Mikhelson, Starogo Leva (Old Lion), 2017 (978-617-679-469-1)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Marc Simonetti


Truly funny books are very few and far between. Equal Rites is not only fizzy and hilarious, but it is also a wonderful story well told. Pratchett is the Douglas Adams of Fantasy, and this is his best book. Highly recommended.  The Good Book Guide

Another Discworld misadventure from the rompingly comic Mr Pratchett, with a tale this time of the girl, Esk, inheriting the staff of wizardry, and learning the magical arts from Granny Weatherwax, who is now one of my favourite fantasy heroines. Very funny.   Tom Hutchinson in The Times

A great antidote to all those boring sword and sorcery sagas and Tolkien spin-offs.  Time Out

Pratchett  is the funniest parodist working in the  field today, period.  New York Review of Science Fiction