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For details of the DVD and Blu-ray versions of  Neil Gaiman’s BBC Good Omens, see the bottom of the Good Omens page


video: Cosgrove Hall production, originally broadcast on ITV in 13 episodes, adapted by Brian Foreman ,starting 4.25pm Friday 10 January 1992. This version was cut down for a continuous view– Fremantle’s DVD edition is uncut, including the starts and credits of each episode
released by Thames Television, 13 April 1992 (VHS TV 8159)
re-released with new packaging (a few copies produced in timecoded format) 1997
re-released May 2000 by Pearson Television, owners of Thames (VHS PTVID8026)
no change in general packaging design

Juvenile picture books based on the TV series
Terry Pratchett’s Truckers, A Major National TV Serial, Ladybird Books, 30 January 1992 (0-7214-1516-4)
Terry Pratchett’s Truckers. This is the story of the Going Home…, Picture Corgi: 40,000 copies on 1 February 1992 (0-552-52735-1)

A DVD version of the Thames VHS TV 8159 was issued with the  VCI logo and sold on eBay and elsewhere in the late 1990s, but it was evidently not licensed to them, and must be considered piratical, unless evidence to the contrary is found..
‘Fully Digitally restored’, Fremantle Media, 7 October 2013 (FHED3070; 5030697024671)
About 20 covers were signed by Terry in silver, ten of which were used by Fremantle for publicity purposes.

Johnny and the Dead

 Originally broadcast by London Weekend Television in 4 weekly episodes, starting 4.40 pm Tuesday 4 April 1995.

Transmitted in Czech Republic; France (TFI); Germany (ARD); Hong Kong; Iceland; Indonesia; Netherlands; Slovenia; USA.
Video: Warner Vision International, 1995 (0630 10906-3)
Audio: CD of incidental music by Stefan Girardet, Weekend Records (CD Week 106; EAN 50185224096022)

9 October 2007 ASIN: B0007GP7R8 Televista

? pirated? Substance, 018619474662

Wyrd Sisters

Video of Cosgrove Hall film, first shown in six episodes on Channel 4, 6.00-6.30pm staring 11 May 1997, repeated 1.15-4.05am, 28-29 December 1999. Also transmitted in Australia (ABC Australia), Australasia (Syren Entertainment), Canada (Ellis Enterprises), Denmark (TV2 Danmark), Israel (Noga Communications), Malaysia (City Television), New Zealand (TV3 Network Services), Poland (Sereke Holding BV), Sweden (TV4 AB)
UK: Astrion Video, AST 1046
North America: AcornMedia, September 1999. Set of 3 videos (1-56938-305-7), Also available separately (1-56938-339-1, -340-5, -341-3)

North America: Acorn Media, 2/4/00 (1-56938-374-X; barcode 054961837496)
Released as a double pack, with the Soul Music DVD, entitled Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Collection, Acorn Media 26 August 2008 (ASIN B001ADXWYM)
UK: Vision Video, 6 November 2000, 0780272 (EAN 0440-0780272-4)
Released as a double pack also containing the Soul Music DVD and a copy of Corgi edition of Going Postal, 2006 (EAN 5050582363593; ; 823 635 9) then re-released in pack containing only the DVDs (EAN 505082414615; 824 1461 1)
German: KSM GmbH, 15 January 2009 ASIN: B001GSZADM, 4260131128455 (K845) 

Soul Music

Video of Cosgrove Hall film, first shown on Channel 4, 2.15-5.30am, 27-28 December 1999. Also transmitted in Australia (ABC Australia), Australasia (Syren Entertainment), Canada (Ellis Enterprises), Denmark (TV2 Danmark), Israel (Noga Communications), Malaysia (City Television), New Zealand (TV3 Network Services), Poland (Sereke Holding BV), Sweden (TV4 AB)

UK: Astrion. Originally issued: Parte One, AST 1038, 12 May 1997; and Parte Two, ASD 1039, 9 June 1997.
There were three different versions of the ‘sleeve’ of the first part, which when the boxes were placed next to each other showed a complete picture of Death’s head.
Then issued together, AST 1047
North America: AcornMedia, 31 July 2001 (1-56938-461-1) (sold as 2-cassette box, not available separately).

North America
: AcornMedia 31 July 2001 (1-56938-462-2; barcode 054961462292)

Released as a double pack, with Wyrd Sisters DVD, entitled Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Collection, Acorn Media 26 August 2008 (ASIN B001ADXWYM)
UK: Vision Video/Universal 13 August 2001 (VFB 30945, EAN 044007833629)
Released as a double pack also containing the Wyrd Sisters DVD and a copy of Corgi edition of Going Postal, 2006 (EAN 5050582363593; 823 635 9) then re-released in pack containing only the DVDs, (EAN 505082414615; 824 1461 1)
German: KSM GmbH: 15 January 2009 ASIN: B001GSZADW 4260131128448; K844

Johnny and the Bomb

UK: Warner Vision DVD of Childsplay production for CBBC, transmitted in January/February 2006 as three episodes, as a single film on 2 September 2006, and released on 4 September 2006 (EAN 50-51011-4733-26)
Nominated for an International Emmy.

Australian: ASIN B0043ET352 Regency Media trading as Shock Entertainment Group under license from Target Entertainment 5021456143016, KAL0955


Winner of two BAFTA Awards: a BAFTA CRAFT award for VFX (Visual Effects) and  BAFTA TV Award for Interactivity for the Sky Web site and the 12 Days of Hogswatch  videos.

UK: 20th Century Fox DVD [transmitted in December 2006 in two episodes on Sky1], 23 April 2007 (unlimited edition F1-0GB 3587001000, EAN 5039036031752, ltd edition of 20,000 numbered de luxe package, with card insert with enthusiastic comments by TP, F1-0GB 3587001057, EAN 5039036031813)
Reissued on single disk 19 November 2007 (EAN 5039036035354)
North America: Genius Entertainment/RHI International, 10 March 2008 (1-5944-4868-X, 7-96019-080604-6)
Coupled with The Colour of Magic and Going Postal, 20th Century Fox 11 October 2010 ( (EAN 5039036045612; F1-SGB 5141901000)
Coupled with The Snow Queen (2002): Mill Creek Entertainment, 15 October 2013 EAN: 683904531742
Czech: Otec Prasátek, 2 DVDs, FilmParáda, (EAN 859-4034854727, 859-4034809231)
German: Hogfather nach dem scheibenwelt-roman ‘Schweinsgalopp’, Eurovideo, 20 December 2007 (4009750242353) ASIN B000X9WWPY’

Blu-Ray: 13 November 2009 ASIN: B002NORN0Q, 4009750390146; 390 143

 The Colour of Magic

[transmitted in 23/24 March (Easter Sunday and Monday) 2008, in two episodes on Sky1].

20th Century Fox DVD 3 November 2008, (single DVD F1-SGB 3976601000, EAN 5039036039000; 2-disc edition, F1-SGB 3976601001, EAN5039036039017, the first copies issued had an extra sleeve, which had F1-OGB on the spine, and were printed metallic gold, and lacked the hologram, otherwise essentially identical;

Blu-ray, with additional sleeve (F1-BOGB 3976607000; EAN 5039036039024)
Coupled with Hogfather and Going Postal, 20th Century Fox 11 October 2010 ( (EAN 5039036045612; F1-SGB 5141901000)
North America
: The Color of Magic, RHI Entertainment, 14 July 2009, ASIN B002436WFI

Czech: Barva Kouzel, 2 DVDs, Filmopolis, (EANs 859-4034860515, 859-4034853678)
French: Discworld. Leur Quete: Le Huitième Sortilège, Condor 2 November 2011 (3512391166632/B005FGMBYC, Blu-ray ASIN B005FGMBZQ; 3512391166649)
Dutch: Bridge Pictures, 2010 (8711983950436 / 24950043; Blu-ray: 8711983441309)
German: The Color of Magic, nach dem scheibenwelt-roman ‘Die Farben der Magie’ & ‘Das Licht der Phantasie’ Eurovideo, 2008 (4009750210192) Blu-Ray 4009750390153, 390 153
Spanish: El Color de la Magia, RHI, Trackmedia, Llament, 2011 (8436022230422)

Going Postal

Winner RTS Craft & Design Awards 2009/2010: Photography – Drama to Gavin Finney, and Music – Original Score to John Lunn (Bucks Music Group)
[transmitted on 30/31 May 2010, in two episodes on Sky1],

UK: 20th Century Fox DVD 23 August 2010 (single DVD F1-SGB 5022301000, EAN 5039036044264; 2-disc edition, with an extra outer sleeve and miniature sheet of stamps inside F1-SGB 5022301001, EAN5039036044271
Blu-ray, with additional sleeve, and stamps (F1-BOGB 5022307000, EAN 5039036044288)
Coupled with Hogfather and The Colour of Magic, 20th Century Fox 11 October 2010 ( (EAN 5039036045612; F1-SGB 5141901000)
Czech: Zaslaná Pošta, Blu-ray edice (EAN 859-4073050069)
French: Timbré, Koba Films, 15/2/12 (1 000 213 377 / 5051889147954 / 354 438; Blu-ray 5051889220633)
[shown on Slovak TV on 15 April 2012]
North America: Acorn Media, 20 September 2011 (DVD 978-1-59828-640-3; Blu-Ray 978-1-59828-641-0)

The Terry Pratchett Collection

Containing Hogfather, The Colour of Magic and Going Postal

UK: 20th Century Fox, 11 October 2010. ASIN: B00428NATO, EAN 5039036043612, Spine F1-0GB 5141901000

Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer’s

Keo North. Transmitted BBC2, 18 and 25 May 2009
Winner of the Scottish BAFTA and the Broadcast Award for the best factual series.

DVD Digital Classics, 6 February 2012. ASIN B006U0H232 (5060232301523) on disc and spine:1129DC

Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die

Keo North & Warner Bros. Filmed, produced and directed by Charlie Russell. Transmitted on BBC2 on 13 June 2011, 9.00pm
Winner of the BAFTA, the Grierson, the Royal Television Society & the Scottish BAFTA for the best single documentary, and the EMMY for the best international documentary.

Not yet released on DVD

Terry Pratchett’s Jungle Quest

DVD of 1995 Channel 4 documentary
TV6 Ltd, 2011 (Release announced but delayed due to copyright problems)

Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction

Terry Pratchett in Borneo, Directed by Charlie Russell, Filmed April 2012, Transmitted on BBC2 27 March 2013

Not yet released on DVD

Steeleye Span: The Wintersmith Tour

Featuring  Steeleye Span with Terry Pratchett, Recorded in Salisbury Playhouse, 19 December 2013

DVD, Park Records, 17 November 2014 (EAN 769934013905)

Terry Pratchett: Back in Black

Filmed, produced and directed by Charlie Russell
BBC Studios, BBC Scotland,
Terry Pratchett: Paul Kaye
Headmaster / Newspaper Editor / Death : Andrew Ryan
Composer: Tim Goalen
Transmitted on BBC 2 on 11 February 2017

Not released on DVD but available on YouTube at

Troll Bridge

Snowgum Films
‘A crowd-sourced production driven by a Thousand Fans’
The brainchild of, and adapted from Terry Pratchett’s story by, Daniel Knight
Production 2002-2017
Co-production by Stephen Wyley, Christian Bloch, and Daniel Knight
Produced by Ahren Morris

Available from Snowgum Films, P.O.Box 1148, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia
[email protected],

Premiered on 16 January 2019, released online on 16/1/2021

The Watch

BBC America,  released on BBC America on 3 January 2021, and on BBC iPlayer on 1 July 2021, 8 episodes, 360 minutes
not one speck of Pratchett DNA contained in it. Not recommended viewing by Discworld lovers.

BBC America’s very interpretive adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld is primarily aimed at the audience who’ll hate it most, but non-devotees might find some sporadic pleasure in its scatty worldbuilding and weird tone.

Our Call: SKIP IT. It’s not that The Watch is a complete mess; some elements of the first episode gave us hope that the show will settle down. But the first episode was so jumbled and so proud of how witty it was, it forgot to establish anything about most of the characters we’ll be seeing for the entire season.

The fact of the matter is that, despite its best and continued efforts, The Watch is only rarely funny, which, when said about a show even loosely based on Discworld, is something approximating a crime.

Terry Pratchett fans have been up in arms about this big-budget series, which is loosely based on the antics of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch police force in his much-loved Discworld movels.  You can see their point. Writer Simon Allen’s pick-and-mix approach to the books clearly has no time for the more whimsical aspects of Pratchett’s humour, and as a result, the heart – and much of the satire – has been lost, However, if you have never read a word of Pratchett and you can tolerate Richard Dormer’s gurning performance as Detective Sam Vimes, this proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable steampunk fantasy adventure revolving around a missing book of magic spells and a talking sword (exquisitely voiced by Matt Berry).  Sunday Times Culture, 25 July 2021

A total mess: BBC2’s  The Watch reviewed
Science-fiction drama The Watch is a BBC production with quite a starry cast (Anna Chancellor and James Fleet among them) and an expensive-looking steam-punk set. It was broadcast in America earlier this year and has been on iPlayer for a few weeks. So why has it taken until now for it to appear on BBC2 — and in the traditionally quiet TV month of August? After seeing the first two episodes on Thursday, it wasn’t hard to form a hypothesis: because it’s terrible.
The show is loosely based on characters created by Terry Pratchett — which cunningly ensures that it’ll have a ready-made audience of Pratchett fans and, less cunningly, that they’ll hate it for the liberties it takes. But even for those of us who don’t know our Pratchett so well, The Watch is an obvious mess: clumsy in its storytelling and tonally all over the place, with an uneasy mix of solemnity and mostly feeble jokes. Above all, Richard Dormer’s central performance is an eye-popping, eyebrow-wiggling, head-swivelling, neck-stretching display of hamminess rarely seen on screen since the days of James Finlayson in Laurel and Hardy. (One for the teenagers, as they say; which apparently was a phrase first used — in another one for the teenagers — by Tony Hancock.
James Walton, in The Spectator, 14 August 2021

There was more new drama in the shape of The Watch, which is based on the Discworld fantasy novels of Terry Pratchett.
    I say “new”, but it’s actually been on BBC iPlayer since last month. That’s the way it is these days, there’s probably no point complaining, but it can make you feel as a terrestrial TV viewer that you’ve arrived late at a party just when everyone else has already drunk all the booze and eaten the nibbles, and gone home to bed.
    That feeling of being out of the loop is heightened in The Watch because the story is so baffling.
As the show begins, Officer Sam Vimes of Ankh-Morpork’s City Watch is dead, or at least he’s chatting to Death, who then proceeds to give him a flashback to how he got there. The plot involves a stolen book, dragons, dwarfs, and drug dealing.
    It’s a lot to take in, and that’s not easy when everything is shot in a fashionable semi-darkness and peopled with characters whose voices are so rumbling and deep that they could set off a seismograph. The production values are incredible, but what is it all about? I’m still not sure.
    It’s billed as a comedy drama, and, as someone who’s only vaguely familiar with Terry Pratchett’s work, I expected something along the lines of The Hobbit as re-imagined by Monty Python. Sadly, funny lines were few and far between, which seems to have upset fans of the books; and if fans don’t like it, and newcomers can’t follow what’s going on, who is it even for?
    It was also very, very loud.                     Eilis O’Hanlon,, 15 August 2021

I have all Terry Pratchett’s books, they are funny, unputdownable and from an original mind. This TV “adaptation” of The Watch (BBC2) was coarse, unfunny and should not be graced with his name. Cheap opportunism, the man was funnier than all that rubbish. Tell people to read the books.  Colin Clifford  [reader] in The Sunday Times