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For Christmas 1989 Corgi issued the first 3 titles (The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites) in a slip case (0-552-00774-9). 

For Christmas 1990 Corgi issued three volumes (Mort, Sourcery and Wyrd Sisters) in a slip case (0-552-00796-X)

The First Discworld Novels

Colin Smythe published The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic in a single volume under this title. 3,044 copies published on 8 May 1999 (0-86140-421-1). At TP’s request the introduction added to the 1989 edition of Colour was not included.
Josh Kirby painted a picture for the cover of the first printing depicting scenes from both volumes. When he produced new art for the 2002 Calendar, one of the pictures he painted was of the battle on the Tower of Art, and Josh allowed me  to use it on the front cover of the next reprint of The First Discworld Novels, while placing the original front cover image on the back cover.

UK Bookclub: BCA, March 2005 (CN 136928)

Pbk under the title The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic on the title, but only The Colour of Magic on the cover: Corgi, March 2008 (978-0-552-15727-8)
Published as a tie-in with the SkyOne/Mob production of the mini-series, with Sir David Jason (Rincewind) and Sean Astin (Twoflower) on the cover. ‘now a major tv series’ first televised over Easter 2008.

The Colour of Magic & The Light Fantastic

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition

Illustrated by Stephen Player

UK hbk: Victor Gollancz, in association with Colin Smythe Limited, 18 December 2008 (978-0-575-08509-1)
A handful of copies exist with the front endpaper inverted – evidently the printers thought they knew better than the publishers, and correction of this error delayed publication.

German: the illustrations were reproduced in Piper editions of the separate novels, published in 2009. For details see under each title.

 Serbian: Boja magiji i Svetlost čudesnog, trs. Dejan Papić, ills. Steven Player, Laguna, 2011 (978-86-521-0549-6)

The Witches Trilogy

On 27 September 1994 Gollancz issued this, ‘A Discworld Omnibus’, containing Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, and Witches Abroad (0-575-05896-X), the printing was of 21,250 copies, 10,000 of which contained a statement that they had been produced exclusively for W.H.Smith (who had an exclusive arrangement for six months), and the balance, with a slightly different title verso, was put on general sale on 30 March 1995. The Josh Kirby jacket illustration had originally appeared in the booklet that accompanied the CD of Dave Greenslade’s album From the Discworld . [Royalty statements give publication date as 30 August 1994.]
Reprinted, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 (those with a price on the jacket were issued by Gollancz, while those without a price were printed for BCA).

French: Les Sorcières du Disque-Monde, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante. October 2009 (978-2-84172-483-3)

Compact Discworld

UK Compact edition containing the first four Discworld titles: Gollancz, c.20,000 copies on 16 November 1995 (0-575-06167-7)
About 3,200 sets of the four Compact Editions were also sold as a set in a slipcase, entitled Compact Discworlds 1-4 (0-575-06236-3). While royalty statements give this number of sets sold, it is possible that only 2,000 sets were slip-cased.

The Death Trilogy

On 22 October 1998 Gollancz published Death Trilogy, ‘A Discworld Omnibus’, containing Mort, Reaper Man and Soul Music (0-575-06584-2) with a first printing of 22,000 copies. The advance publicity jackets used as a colour illustration Josh Kirby’s 1974 painting ‘The Grim Reaper’, which showed a view of Death that was ‘everything the Death of the Discworld manifestly is not’ (to quote the author). The published edition used a detail of ‘Death in His Study’ from Eric.

 Rincewind the Wizzard

On 3 June 1999 the US Science Fiction Book Club issued as a selection, the Collector’s Issue # 1 1999, Rincewind the Wizzard, cover illus. Tom Kidd (0-7394-0345-1, ref. 00286) containing The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery and Eric 

German: Rincewind der Zauberer, Heyne, 2001 (3-453-18942-6)
Published under Piper imprint, January 2005 (3-492-28500-7)

 The City Watch Trilogy

On 18 November 1999 Gollancz published City Watch Trilogy, ‘A Discworld Omnibus’, containing Guards! Guards, Men at Arms and Feet of Clay (0-575-06798-5) with a first printing of 29,800 copies.

French: L’Atalante, Le Guet d’Ankh-Morpork, L’Atalante, 21 October 2010 (978-2-84172-522-9)

The Gods Trilogy

On 20 July 2000 Gollancz published The Gods Trilogy, containing Pyramids, Small Gods and Hogfather (0-575-07036-6), with a first printing of c.11,000 copies

Tales of Discworld

On 6 November 2000 the US Science Fiction Book Club issued as a selection, Tales of Discworld, cover illus. Tom Kidd (0-7394-1391-0, ref. 20042) containing Pyramids, Moving Pictures and Small Gods.

The Rincewind Trilogy

On 17 May 2001 Gollancz published The Rincewind Trilogy, containing Sourcery, Eric and Interesting Times (0-575-07236-9), with a first printing of c.8,000 copies

Discworld Starter Pack

Corgi issued for Ottakars a ‘Discworld Starter Pack’, a slipcase containing paperbacks of The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites, 2 September 2004 (0-552-76991-6)

The Wee Free Men: The Beginning

On 24 August 2010 Harper issued a bind-up, principally for Barnes & Noble, of The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky and the first chapter of Wintersmith in a single volume to mark the publication of I Shall Wear Midnight. (978-0-06-201217-3). For some reason the copyright date on the verso of the title page is given as 2011.

The Tiffany Aching Collection

Corgi editions of the four novels, sold as a shrinkwrapped pack, November 2011 (978-0-552-56599-8)


První Příběhy ze Zeměplochy. Barva Kouzel a Lehké Fantastično
Jubilejní Vydání
[The First Tales from the Discworld: The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic. Jubilee Edition]

This volume marked the 25th anniversary of Discworld, the 15th anniversary of its first publication in the Czech language, and also the Author’s 60th birthday.
With a special message from Terry Pratchett, a reproduction of his signature and scythe, and pencil illustrations by Paul Kidby.
Hbk: Talpress, 2008 (978-80-7197-332-4)

The following double volumes all have pencil illustrations by Paul Kidby

Equal Rites and Mort
Talpress, April 2009 (978-80-7197-371-3)

Sourcery and Wyrd Sisters
Talpress, October 2009 (978-80-7197-386-7)

Pyramids and Guards! Guards!
Talpress, 2010 (978-80-7197-403-1)

Eric and Moving Pictures
Talpress, 2010 (978-80-7197-404-8)

Reaper Man and Witches Abroad
Talpress, 2011 (978-80-7197-423-9)

Small Gods and Lords & Ladies
Talpress, 2011 (978-80-7197-435-2)

Men at Arms and Soul Music
Talpress, 2012 (978-80-7197-441-3)

Interesting Times and Maskerade
Talpress, 2012 (978-80-7197-464-2)

Hogfather and Feet of Clay
Talpress, 2013 (978-80-7197-500-7)

Jingo and The Last Continent
Talpress, 2014 (978-80-7197-534-2)

Carpe Jugulum and The Fifth Elephant
Talpress, 1500 copies in October 2015 (978-80-7197-566-3)


Schijfwereldomnibus nr. 1
The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites, Het Spectrum, 4,000 copies, 1998 (90-274-6338-7) 

Schijfwereldomnibus nr. 2
Mort, Sourcery and Wyrd Sisters, Het Spectrum, 5,000 copies, August 1998 (90-274-6536-3)

Schijfwereldomnibus nr. 3
Pyramids, Guards! Guards!, Eric, Het Spectrum, 5,000 copies, August 1999 (90-274-6757-9) 

Schijfwereldomnibus nr. 4
Moving Pictures, Reaper Man, and Witches Abroad, Het Spectrum, 5,000 copies, August 2000 (90-274-6995-4) 

Equal Rites. Mort
De Schijfwereld, UItgeverij M[De Boekerij], July 2005, (90-2254261-0)

Sourcery. Wyrd Sisters
De Schijfwereld, UItgeverij M[De Boekerij], November 2005 (90-225-4313-7, NUR 334)


Le Guet d’Ankh-Morpork
Omnibus, with Guards! Guards!Men at Arms and Feet of Clay: L’Atalante,  October 2010 (978-2-84172-522-9)

La Mort due Disque-Monde
 Omnibus, with Mort, Reaper Man and Soul Music, L’Atalante, October 2011 (978-2-84172-558-8


Die Farben der Magie. Der Zauberhut
The Colour of Magic and Sourcery, in Heyne’s Tip des Monat series no. 23/117: 1995
(3-453-08974-X) (using a cover illustration painted for Robert Rankin’s The Sprouts of Wrath)
Bookclub edition of above, Boulevard Taschenbuch, (Bertelsmann), 5/98 (00539 7), (but with Kirby’s illustration for the cover of Sourcery)

Rincewind der Zauberer
The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery and Eric, An omnibus containing the first four Rincewind titles
Die Farben der Magie, Das Licht der Phantasie, Der Zauberhut and Eric, Heyne, cover illus. Tom Kidd, July 2001 (3-453-18942-6)
Republished by Piper, December 2004 (3-492-28517-1); January 2005 (3-492-28500-7)

Die Magie der Scheibenwelt
The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites, Heyne, December 2002 (3-453-86367-4; 06/9300)
The first three Discworld novels in one volume, with a foreword by Neil Gaiman
Republished by Piper,  August 2006 (3-492-28519-8)

Das Licht der Phantasie. Das Erbe des Zauberers
Equal Rites and The Light Fantastic, Heyne, 1994 (3-453-07339-8)
(which also used Kirby’s ‘Valentine’s Arch’ on the cover. The 1999 printing finally changed the cover illustration using Josh Kirby’s image for the first Discworld computer game)
Bookclub edition: Boulevard Taschenbuch (Goldmann) May 1998 (ref. 00538 9) (but using Kirby’s illustration for The Light Fantastic)
Republished by Piper, November 2004 (3-492-28515-5)

Pyramiden. Macbest
Pyramids and Wyrd Sisters, no.23/141 in Heyne’s Tip des Monats series 1997 (3-453-12327-1)
Reissued under title Schlamassel auf der Scheibenwelt, Piper, September 2005 (3-492-28612-7)

Gevatter Tod. Wachen! Wachen!
Mort and Guards! Guards!,  Heyne, October 2000 (3-453-16879-8) Tipp des Monats 23/165
Republished by Piper, July 2007 (978-3-492-28625-1)

Voll im Bilde. Alles Sense!
Moving Pictures, and Reaper Man, Goldmann, August 2001 (3-442-45068-3)
Uses the first Kirby picture for Moving Pictures, not previously used on a cover.

Total verhext. Einfach göttlich
Witches Abroad, and Small Gods, Goldmann, December 2003 (3-442-13334-3), Reissue 15,000 copies for special marketing campaign July 2004 (3-442-13411-0), Reissue June 2008 (978-3-442-13434-2)

Rollende Steine. Echt zauberhaft
Soul Music, and Interesting Times, Goldmann, March 2009 (978-3-442-13441-4)

 Mummenschanz. Hohle Köpfe
Maskerade, and Feet of Clay, Goldmann, October 2009 (978-3-442-13447-2)

Die Farben der Magie. Das Licht der Phantasie
The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, Piper, April 2015 (978-3-492-28016-7)
Uses Marc Simonetti’s cover illustration for the French Pocket edition of The Colour of Magic
4th printing August 2019

Der Zauberhut. Pyramiden
and Pyramids, Piper, December 2016 (978-3-492-28111-9), cover illustration by Kataryna Oleska.

Die Farben der Magie. Eric
The Colour of Magic and Eric, Piper, January 2018 (978-3-492-28026-6), cover illustration by Kataryna Oleska.

Wachen! Wachen!. MacBest
Guards! Guards! and Wyrd SistersPiper, December 2018 (978-3-492-28158-4), cover illustration by Kataryna Oleska.

Gevatter Tod. Das Erbe des Zauberers
Mort and Equal Rites. Piper, June 2019 (978-3-492-28198-0), cover illustration by Kataryna Oleska.

Scheibenwelt All Stars: Gevatter Tod.  MacBest. Wachen! Wachen!
Mort, Wyrd Sisters, and Guards! Guards!  Piper, April 2020 (978-3-492-28229-1)


The Colour of Magic. The Light Fantastic
Το Χρωμα Τησ Μαγειασ, Το Φωσ Τησ Φαντασιασ, trs. Lilē Ioannidou, Para Pente, 1992 (99-8007-443-4) the first two Discworld novels in one book.


I colori della Magia
The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Mondadori 1991 (88-04-35085-7)

Il mondo del Disco: La Seconda Trilogia
Mort, Sourcery and Wyrd Sisters, trs. Antonella Pieretti, Mondadori, October 1992 (88-04-36520-X)


The Colour of Magic. The Light Fantastic
Double volume, Eksmo, 5,000 copies, 14 May 2003 (5-699-03074-3)
New printing, Eksmo, 3,000 copies, 2016 (978-5-699-87504-7)

Mort. Reaper Man
Double volume, Eksmo, 5,000 copies, 23 October 2002 (5-699-0205-0)
reissued 2020

Witches Abroad. Lords and Ladies
Double volume, Eksmo, 15 April 2003 (5-699-03624-5)
New printing: Eksmo, 17 June 2016 (978-5-699-87128-5)
New printing: August 2020, 2000 copies (978-5-04-111856-3)

Small Gods. Pyramids
Double volume. Eksmo, 15 January 2003 (5-699-02733-5)

Men At Arms. Guards! Guards!
Double volume, Eksmo, 5,000 copies, 14 April 2003 (5-699-02859-5)

Soul Music. Hogfather
Double volume, Eksmo, 30 September 2016 (978-5-699-91962-8)

Sourcery. Eric
Double volume, Eksmo, 15 November 2016 (978-5-699-92560-5)

Maskerade. Carpe Jugulum
Double volume, Eksmo, February 2017 (978-5-699-92054-2)

Pyramids. Moving Pictures
Double volume, Eksmo, February 2018 (978-5-699-99948-4)

Thud. Snuff
Double volume, Eksmo, 7 June 2018 (978-5-04-093016-6)

Interesting Times. Small Gods
Double volume, Eksmo, October 2018 (978-5-04-097783-3)

The Grim Reaper ‘Мрачный Жнец’ Collection
Mort. Reaper Man. Hogfather. Soul Music

Four novel omnibus, Eksmo, 2,000 copies on 29 November 2018 (978-5-04-097873-1), 2,000 copies reprinted March 2019

Going Postal. Making Money
Double volume, Eksmo, 3,000 copies on 1 September 2019 (978-5-04-104901-0)

Raising Steam. Thief of Time
Double volume, Eksmo, 3,000 copies on 1 November 2019 (978-5-04-106509-6)

The Witches Collection
Equal Rites. Wyrd Sisters. Witches Abroad. Lord and Ladies
Four novel omnibus, Eksmo, 3,000 copies on 8 October 2019 (978-5-04-106142-5)

The Truth. Monstrous Regiment
Double volume, Eksmo, 3,000 copies in October 2019 (978-5-04-104469-5)

Mort. Reaper Man
Double volume, Eksmo, 3,000 copies in January 2020 (978-5-04-108407-3)

Small Gods. Interesting Times
Double volume, Eksmo, 3,000 copies in November 2020 (978-5-04-111878-5)

Cтража Плоского Мира
Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms, Feet of Clay, Jingo
Four novel Omnibus, Eksmo, 2021 (978-5-04-121078-6) 

Going Postal. Making Money
Double volume, Eksmo, 3,000 copies in 2021 (978-5-04-120998-8)

Raising Steam, Thief of Time
Double volume, Eskmo, 2,000 copies in 2021 (978-5-04-115978-8)


Strata. The Dark Side of the Sun
Double volume, Eksmo and Sekachev, 6,000 copies, 2004 (5-699-06716-7, 5-88923-087-5)


Sourcery. Wyrd Sisters
Cover illus. Xavier Martinez, Circulo de Lectores, 2001 (84-226-8664-3; 38406 B), repr. 29 February 2008


The Bromeliad Trilogy

Containing: Truckers, Diggers and Wings.

UK 3-in-1 hbk: Doubleday, c.10,000 copies on 5 November 1998 (0-385-41044-1)
Special printing for The Book People Ltd with Ted Smart imprint on spine, 8,000 copies in 1999 (0-385-60108-5)
Pbk: Corgi, 6 March 2008 (978-0-552-54607-2)

USA 3-in-1 hbk book club: Guild America Books Alternate Selection, Collector’s Issue # 1, (jacket illus. David A.Cherry) ?August 1993 (01195)
Hbk: HarperCollins, cover illus. S.Saelig Gallagher, 23 September 2003 (trade 0-06-009493-1; library ed. 0-06-054855-X)
Uncorrected proofs: HarperCollins

Danish: Gnomernes Flugt, trs. Torben Nilsson, Borgen, 2007 (978-87-21-02981-4)

: Le Grand Livre de Gnomes, J’ai lu, September 2001, 2004 reprint (31509-5), 17 August 2009 (978-2-290-01050-1)

German: Trucker – Wühler – Flügel: Die Nomen-Trilogie – ungekürzt, Heyne Tip des Monats,  23/129, c.7,876 copies in August 1996 (3-453-09873-0)
Reissued under the title Die Schlacht der Nomen, Piper, April 2005 (978-3-492-28518-6)

Polish: Księgi nomów, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 2009 (978-83-7510-411-0)

Russian: Eksmo

Spanish: Ómnibus El Éxodo de los gnomos, Timun Mas/Scyle, 1 October 2003 (84-480-3589-5)


The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy

Containing: Only You Can Save Mankind, Johnny and the Dead, and Johnny and the Bomb

UK hbk: Doubleday (cover illus. John Avon), 4 November 1999 (0-385-60080-1)
Slipcase paperback collection: ‘The Johnny Maxwell Collection’, Corgi, 6 October 2005 (0-552-55382-4)

US book club: Science Fiction Book Club Selection, Collector’s Issue # 1 (jacket illustration by Jim Burns) 27 January 1998 (00238) (1-56865-620-3)
This was issued with a poster of Burns’s cover illustration. The first printing of the poster lacks the first T in Terry Pratchett’s surname. The Club promised to correct this, but as I have not seen a poster with the correct spelling, I am not sure that there ever was another printing.

French: Les Aventures de Johnny Maxwell, L’Atalante, 14 July 1998 (2-84172-085-3)

 German: [no overall title], 704pp. Goldmann, 1 April 2005 (978-3-442-13358-0)
576pp. Goldmann, 21 July 2014 (978-3-442-48223-8)

 Polish: Opowieści o Johnnym Maxwellu, trs. Jarosław Kotarski, Rebis, 2009 (978-83-7510-410-3)
New edition: Rebis, 2019 (978-83-8062-590-7)

Russian: Джонни Максвелл — спаситель Вселенной, (Johnny Maxwell – Saviour of the Universe) Eksmo -Domino, 5,000 copies in  2006, reprint of 3,000 copies (978-5-699-18259-6)

Джонни Максвелл — спаситель Вселенной


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