The fourth novel in the Discworld Series

Winner of the Dracula Society’s 1987 Children of the Night Award

UK hbk: Demy 8vo, Victor Gollancz in association with Colin Smythe, 3,950 copies, on  1 (or 12) November 1987 (0-575-04171-4). After Smythe became TP’s agent, the co-publishing arrangement ceased and in due course the reprints appeared with Gollancz’s name only. The first four printings retained the joint imprint. There were five reprints before it was reissued as a 9”x 6” (22.9 x 15.2cm) hbk, 2,750 copies on 14 November 1996 (0-575-06408-0). Also issued in this format as a promotional edition by W.H.Smith (0-304-36424-X)
Bookproof: c.100 copies.
Compact edition: Gollancz, c.20,000 copies on 16 November 1995 (0-575-06167-7)
Discworld Collector’s Library: The Death Collection: (hbk): Gollancz, 7 November 2013 (978-1-473-20010-4)

Large print: Isis, 1995 (Hbk 1-85089-044-7, pbk 0-7531-5110-3)

Pbk: Corgi, 111,500 copies on 18 November 1988 (0-552-13106-7) reprinted 1988, 1989, 1990 (twice), 1991, 1992 (twice), 1993 (twice), 1994 (twice), 1995, 1996, 1997 (twice), 1998 etc.
New issue, B-format with black/gold photographic design cover, on sale at same time as Kirby edition, 1 September 2004 (0-552-15261-7)

Reissued B-format with modified Kirby cover: Corgi, 21 June 2012 (978-0-552-16662-1)
New edition with introduction by Neil Gaiman, cover illustration Levente Szabo: Corgi, 25 April 2019 (978-0-5521-7304-8)

BCA’s Unseen Library: 5,000 copies in November 2002 (CN 110260)

Deluxe slip-cased edition, with an introduction by A. S. Byatt, illustrated by Omar Rayyan, bound in black velveteen covered boards and printed paper label on front cover, silver blocking on spine, and full leather bound edition, limited to 500 numbered copies for sale to members of the Folio Society, and 25 lettered copies hors de commerce, blocked with MORT in gold on the spine, all edges gilt, with a card folder containing a limited edition print of the image on the front cover of the standard edition, signed by the artist, the black slip-case to the standard edition printed in silver without lettering, and the limited edition’s slip-case blocked and lettered in gold, Folio Society, May 2016.

SFX Files: Short stories and exclusive extracts from the all-times SF&F greats, 1995, containing the opening pages of Mort, pp. 175-193.
WHS Little Reads [the opening pages of the novel, ‘published in association with Corgi to celebrate the BBC’s Big Read’]: 30,230 copies, in July 2003 (0-552-21221-0)

USA pbk: Signet (NAL) (with Kirby cover), March or April 1989 (0-451-15923-3);
2nd printing, issued under Roc imprint (0-451-45113-9)
This was the last of the American editions to use Josh Kirby’s cover illustrations:  NAL told me that American readers thought that books with his style of art was intended for young, rather than adult, readers.

HarperTorch, cover illus. Ben Perrini, February 2001 (0-06-102068-0)
This edition also contains the 16 page section entitled ‘The World of Terry Pratchett’ that appears at the end of the advance reader’s edition of The Fifth Elephant.Premium
pbk: Harper Premium, 29 January 2013 (978-0-06-222571-9)~Also issued as a library hbk by Turtleback using the March 2008 Harper Paperback (and probably other printings) (978-0-613-57249-1)

Book club: Science Fiction Book Club Selection, Spring 1989 (Jacket art by Jill Bauman) March 1989 (ref. 14838)

Brazilian: O aprendiz de Morte, trs. Roberto DeNice, Conrad, c. November 2002 (85-87193-85-6)

Bulgarian: 1. Морт, trs. Mirela Khristova, Vuzev, 8,600 copies in August 1995 (954-422-038-0)
2. New edition trs. Vladimir Zarkov, Vuzev/Akhont-V, 2002 (954-422-070-4)

Catalan: Mai Més

Chinese/mainland (simplified): 1. Science Fiction World Magazine, 2007 (978-7-5364-6258-8)
2. Death Collection 1, Shanghai Dook, Autumn 2020 (978-7-5559-0937-8)

Croatian: Mort, trs. Drago Štajduhar, Marjan Tisak, 2004 (953-214-039-5)

Czech: Mort, trs. Jan Kantůrek, Talpress, 8,000 copies in November 1994 (80-85609-55-X)
Omnibus, with Equal Rites: with pencil illustrations by Paul Kidby, Talpress, April 2009 (978-80-7197-371-3)

Danish: Dødens Lærling, trs. Hans Palle Mortensen, Borgens, 2004 (87-21-02440-5)

Dutch: Dunne Hein, trs. Venugopalan Ittekot (pseud. of Ruurd Groot), Het Spectrum, 7,000  copies in 1992 (90-274-2995-2)
Reissue: Mynx, 2008 (978-90-225-5116-5)
Schijfwereldomnibus nr.2 (omnibus edition with Sourcery and Wyrd Sisters), Het Spectrum, 5,000 copies in August 1998 (90-274-6536-3)

Estonian: Mort, trs. Allan Eichenbaum, jacket illus. Hillar Mets, Varrak, 1500 copies on  19 January 2000 (9985-3-0243-5)
Revised cover (detail of original): Varrak, 2020 (978-9985-3-5034-8)

Finnish: Mort, trs. Margit Salmenoja, Karisto, 1994 (951-23-3372-4)
Pbk: Karisto, December 2002 (9-51-23-4110-7)

French: Mortimer, trs. Patrick Couton, L’Atalante, November 1994 (2-905158-90-5)
Reissue, with new introduction by Terry Pratchett (dated September 2014), 21 November 2014 (978-2-84172-691-2)
Omnibus: La Mort due Disque-Monde, containing Mort, Reaper Man and Soul Music,  L’Atalante, October 2011 (978-2-84172-558-8)

Pbk: Pocket, October 1998 (2-266-08068-7)
Pbk with Marc Simonetti cover: Pocket, October 2011 (978-2-266-22617-2)

Georgian: Ilia State University Press. [not yet published]

German: Gevatter Tod, trs. Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne (SF/Fantasy series 06/4706), 1990   (3-453-04290-5)
Reissued in Heyne’s general Allgemeine Reihe series (01/9543) 1995 (3-453-08850-6) with the Kirby’s cover illustration for Wyrd Sisters, which necessitated a change of the cover on that title. This was corrected with the 1998 printing. (The title page also has an error – Sheinwelt instead of Scheibenwelt.)
Reissued in September 2000 with new cover lettering (01/12187, 0-453-17060-1)

Bookclub hbk: der club, 2001 (00207 1)

Republished by Piper, August 2004 (3-492-28504-X), rev. design 9th printing October 2009
Reissued with new cover design by Katarzyna Oleska, Piper, May 2015 (978-3-492-28064-8)
All nine Piper Discworld titles issued in a box.with spines combining to create a single image by Katarzyna Oleska, illustrator of all the covers, Piper, 8 June 2015 (978-3-492-28080-8)
25th Discworld anniversary hbk edition,  Piper, April 2008 (978-3-492-28628-2)

Issued in a double volume with Wachen! Wachen! (Guards! Guards!), Heyne,?October 2000 (3-453-16879-8) Tipp des Monats 23/165
Reissued: Piper, July 2007 (978-3-492-28625-1)
Reissued, with new cover artist: Piper 11 May 2015 (978-3-492-28064-8)

Double volume, Gevatter Tod and Pyramiden, Piper, May 2011 (978-3-492-26795-3)
Double volume, Gevatter Tod and Macbest, Piper, June 2013 (978-3-492-26933-9) reprinted November 2017

On 30 January 2019 Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund issue  8,000 copies of a 60 page booklet (distributed free to their customers), Poesie unterwegs. Gänsehaut-Geschichten, which contains an extract from Mort, pp. 7-17, where Death takes Mort to watch the assassination of the King of Sto Lat.

Greek: Θανατηφορος Βοηθος, trs. Lile Ioannidou, Ekdoseis Para Pente, 12 November 1987 (978-0-00695074-5?? modern ISBN13) pirated
Reprinted 1996 (no ISBN given)

Hebrew: תרועת מווח, trs. Kvryt Sraby [?], Kinneret, 1996 (965-286-528-1)

Hungarian:1).  Mort, a Halál Kisinasa, trs. Dr Anikó Sohár, Cherubion Könyvkiadó, 4,344 copies on 24 August 1998 (963-9110-24-8)
2). Mort, trs. Veronika Farkas, Delta Vision, 6 February 2014 (978-963-395-009-8)

Italian: Mort l’Apprendista, in Il Mondo del Disco: La Seconda Trilogia (with Sourcery and Wyrd Sisters), trs. Antonella Pieretti, Mondadori, October 1992 (88-04-36520-X)
Pocket book: TEA (Salani), copertina by Giovanni Manzoni, April 2002 (88-7818-696-1)

Japanese: [Shinigamino Yakata] trs. Norito Kuga, H.Kawaguchi/Sanyusha, 10 July 1997 (4-88322- 621-2)

Macedonian: Ars Lamina [not yet published]

Norwegian: Dødens Læregutt, trs. Per Malde, Tiden Norsk, 2,000 copies on 3 April 2000 (82-10-04538-5)

Persian: Vida, 2015 (978-600-291-126-1) not yet seen

Polish: 1.  Mort, trs. Piotr W.Cholewa, 1) Fantastyka S-ka/ Prószyński i S-ka, 1996 (83-86868-52-X)
2. Prószyński i S-ka, November 2004 (83-7255-877-9)
Hbk: Prószyński i S-ka, 2002 (83-7337-272-5)

Portuguese: 1.  Mort, trs. Paula Reis, Caminho, 8,000 copies in March 1992 (972-21-0735-6), reissued  in March 1998, in Colecção Caminho de Bolso #145
2. Mort, trs. Mário Dias Correia, Temas & Debates, February 2004 (972-759-557-X)
Bookclub: Circulo de Leitores, December 2004 (972-42-3320-0)

Romanian: Mort, trs. Domnica Macri, Noesis, 2003 (973-85637-5-5)
Opening pages published in Secolul 21, August-December 2002, pp. 330-342. Courtesy Noesis.

Russian: 1. Мор, ученик Смерти, trs. Svemlany Zhuzhunava, Azbuka/Terra, 10,000 copies in 1998 (5-7684-0369-8)
2. Eksmo, 10,100 copies in November 2001  ( 5-04-008733-0) not seen
New edition: Eksmo 2006  (978-5-699-16611-4). This was released before showing us and seeking our approval for the cover design which had a most inappropriate image of Death, which we demanded be changed. This was corrected and issued with a new ISBN 978-5-699-22357-2. On its 2014 reprint Eksmo reverted to the unapproved cover image.
Pocketbook pbk using Josh Kirby’s design: Eksmo Pocket Book, 3,000 copies on 1 May 2019 (978-5-04-102853-4)
New hardcover: 4,000 copies  (978-5-04-110264-7)
Double volume with Reaper Man: Eksmo, 5,000 copies printed on 23 October 2002 (5-699-0205-0) reprint 2014 (978-5-699-74369-8)

Serbian (orig. Yugoslav): Mort, trs. Dejan Papić, Laguna/ReVision in their Octarin series 1,000 copies in 1999 (86-7436-002-5)
New printing: Laguna, 2019 (978-86-521-3315-4)

Slovakian: Mort, trs. Vladislav Gális, Talpress, 1,500 copies in January 2006 (80-7197-279-7)

Slovenian: Ucila [not seen. ?Never published?]

Spanish: Mort, trs. Cristina Macía assisted by Celia Filipetto, Martínez Roca, October 1991 (84-270-1559-3) Although the  translation is primarily credited to Cristina Macía, she did not translate the book, it being solely Celia Filipetto’s work, which was finally acknowledged in the 2019 printing
Bookclub (pbk): Círcolo de Lectores Onda Joven, 1992, (84-226-4245-X; 24638)
Pbk: Plaza & Janés, January 1998 (col. Jet 84-01-46161-8, vol.342/4, 84-01-47941-X)
Reissued (?th ‘edition’) by Debols!llo [Plaza & Janés], (978-84-8346-328-4) 10th ‘edition’ 2015, the term ‘reprint’ started to be used, so 1st reprint  June 2015,
Translation correctly credited to Celia Filipetto, July 2019 (978-84-8346-328-4)

Kiosk: Altaya, 2008 (978-84-487-2294-4)

Swedish pbk 1): Mort, trs. Olle Sahlin, Target Games, 1992 (91-7898-153-0)
2) Hbk: Wahlströms, 1997 (91-32-32138-4)
Pbk: Wahlströms, 1998 (91-32-43146-5)

Turkish: 1).  Mort, trs. Ümit Tosun, Ithaki, 2000 (975-6902-78-7)
2). Mort, trs. Niran Elçi, Delidolu/ Tudem, 2,000 copies in November 2015 (978-605-5060-30-5)

Ukrainian: Морт, trs. Olga Lubarska, Starogo Leva (Old Lion), 6 March 2018 (978-616-679-483-7)

Background illustration © and by courtesy of Marc Simonetti


Terry Pratchett’s Mort is rather more up-to-the-minute miscegenation by Douglas Adams out of Jack Vance, and often funnier and more energetic than either…. The plot leaps along, but the main pleasure is Death  himself, as he progresses through a Job Centre interview to a spell as a short-order cook, and further hilarities. Mort should be required reading for all projectors of serious three-volume epic fantasies. Read this and be subverted.   John Christie in The Guardian

The ability of Pratchett’s characters to cope and do their best is a lesson to any of us who have ideas above our station. This is cheerful, therapeutic and very funny stuff. The Scotsman

The story of what happens when Death decides to take an apprentice turned out to be an irresistible torrent of comedy, satire, irony and relentless humorous invention whose tendency to combine the icy bite of cynicism with a sparkle of genuine compassion refreshed parts which po-faced would-be critics probably don’t deserve to have. Emerging gasping from the depths of my over-extended metaphor, I humbly pronounce this to be a very funny and intelligent book  indeed.   Simon MacCulloch in British Fantasy Newsletter

The latest Discworld book, Mort, introduces the title character, a lad whose heart may be in the right place, but the rest of him seldom is. He’s a dismal flop at the local job fair, until a certain mythic archetype comes along…. Naturally, things go wrong in a major way…. The hilarity and charm lie in the telling. Pratchett allows his characters (even Death) room to grow and change… [he] likes his characters too much to succumb to the glib cynicisms of the road-weary stand-up comic. That enthusiasm keeps the Discworld fresh in all its timeless absurdity.  Faren Miller in Locus

Mort is another minor masterpiece of comic invention, in which fantasy conventions are  slaughtered  wholesale by the satirical Pratchett pen. Although currently eking a relatively comfortable living as a cult author, the newly ideologically sound Terry Pratchett deserves a far wider readership.  Venue

Terry Pratchett has been called the Douglas Adams of fantasy, and in the sense that both satirise aspects of SF, this is true, but Pratchett’s books are fresher that Adams’, they have more plot, and the jokes are funnier… Is there anything else you want to know before you go out and buy this book?  Jon Wallace in Vector

Pratchett improves with every book. This is his best so far. Buy it, get it from the library or mug a passing wizard if you have to.     Knave