Planting Out

Planting Out

Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Tag: Planting Out
Publisher: hardback
ISBN: 0861404408

ISBN: 978-0-86140-440-7
22.5 x 15.0 cm      vi, 257 pp.     2001

The Second of The Borough Novels

What does it feel like to be turned into a saint? Well, a lot of fuss and bother, probably. So the corpse of the ancient Gardener, cooling on a slab in The Borough's secret Abbey, isn't waiting to find out. It's happy being dead. All it wants is peace. That and to be far beyond the reach of its Abbot's unholy ambitions.

And then there's the microchip that knows everything there is to know. But it's lost and cold and dying in the winter's ice and snow. The last of its transistors begins to flicker out. Is there anything at all that can save it now?

Planting Out is the second of the Books of The Borough by Gerry O’Brien. The soap saga continues, open and read...

Soldier, sailor, dolls' house maker, Gerry O'Brien has been them all though not necessarily in that order, it's just the way it scans best. And that in itself should tell you all you need to know about him, and maybe more than you want. (That and the fact that, arguably, he begins too many sentences with conjunctions.)

But of course there have been other things too – lorry driving, stacking shelves, bread delivery, scrapes with death. Though that was all years and years ago. Now he's been a full-time writer for longer than anything else except a husband, a father and alive. And his two children are lovely a lot of the time. And he is married to an extraordinarily patient woman who is also lovely more on than off.

e was educated, yes.

Getting The Books of The Borough off the ground is nearly the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him. And if that sounds unlikely then try getting your own books published and you'll see.

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