The Middle Kingdom: The Faerie World of Ireland


ISBN: 978.0.900675.82.9

21.6 x 13.0 cm. 191 pp. + 8 pp. illus.

“[Among the books I read at the Beaconsfield Public Library] I remember being impressed by Dermot MacManus’ The Middle Kingdom, which had a great effect on me, and is probably one of the most influential books I’ve ever read”, Terry Pratchett (in his 1999 talk to the Folklore Society)

‘No matter what one doubts,’ wrote W.B.Yeats, ‘one never doubts the faeries for . . . they stand to reason.’ The author, an intimate friend of Yeats and a friend too of the great folklorist Douglas Hyde and the myriad-minded mystic G.W.Russell (‘A.E.’), was a staunch believer in ‘the ancient and continuing spirit life of the countryside’.