The Voyage of the Ayeguy


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A limited edition portfolio of 1200 copies, signed by the artist. In a gold-blocked and sepia printed folder. Published in 1980 by Schanes & Schanes, San Diego. Containing six full-colour varnished plates depicting an interplanetary Messiah – ‘Departure’, ‘Arrival of the Ark’, ‘Adoration of the Imag’, ‘Death of a Spaceman’, ‘Deposition’, and ‘Assension’. An extremely rare and sought after item £95.00

From The Independent of 5 November 2001

Josh Kirby
27 November 1928 – 23 October 2001

The artist Josh Kirby was best known and appreciated for the lushly crowded cover paintings he created for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, from The Colour of Magic in its 1985 paperback to this year’s Thief of Time. Kirby’s career as a professional artist began much earlier, though, as did his love of the fantastic.