Cardinale Archbishop H.E.
Orders of Knighthood, Awards and the Holy See

Orders of Knighthood, Awards and the Holy See


Edited and Revised by Peter Bander van Duren

ISBN: 978-0-905715-26-1

23.4 x 15.6 cm.    336 pp.  illus with 24pp  colour illus and many b/w throughout the text

What follows is from the jacket of the third edition (published 25 October 1985). Although superseded by Peter Bander van Duren's magisterial work of a similar name, Orders of Knighthood and of Merit (1995), we still have copies of every edition of Archbishop Cardinale's work for sale. Details of the earlier editions can be found at the bottom of this page.

This authoritative work deals not only with the role of the Holy See in conferring Orders of Knighthood and awards but also with the Holy See's attitude to State, Crown and Dynastic Orders of Knighthood. Its relationship to most ancient Orders goes far deeper than mutual recognition: they were founded by Papal Brief and at the Holy See's initiative.

This work goes beyond the scope of an authoritative, historical, juridical and practical compendium: it shows clearly the Holy See's role as mater et magistra of all ancient Orders of Knighthood. The author strikes a most serious note when he clarifies the Holy See's uncompromising attitude towards self-styled orders of knighthood; for obvious reasons the attitude adopted by the Holy See towards individual orders usually makes the difference between international recognition and rejection.

The five Pontifical Orders of Knighthood, the Orders o Christ, of the Golden Spur, of Pius IX, of St Gregory the Great, and of Pope St Sylvester, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre (which is under the patronage of the Holy See), as well as the Teutonic Order, a former Religious Order of Knighthood which is no longer an order of chivalry, are dealt with in depth. The three Pontifical Awards, the Golden Rose, the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, and especially the Medal Benemerenti (with the special medals struck as Benemerenti Medals which were awarded for a specific purpose or for a limited time only), have been placed in their rightful positions among international decorations of merit. An extensive section deals with the Pontifical Medal, which is often given by the Pontiff as a sign of his special favour.

The most important Catholic dynastic orders, such as the Noble Order of the Golden Fleece (of both Austria and Spain, and particularly the new rules of conferment of the Spanish Order), the Sacred and Military Constantinian Order of St George (it and the Most Noble Order of the Garter being the most ancient and important Orders of Knighthood under the patronage of St George, the Orders of the Annunziata, SS. Maurice & Lazarus, St Januarius, as well as the less exalted Catholic Orders that are still flourishing, are seen united behind the Supreme Pontiff and the Holy See. All Catholic-founded Orders, both those that have remained Catholic in character and those that became Crown or secular State Orders, were founded by Papal Brief; even behind the Iron Curtain there exists in Poland a Catholic-founded Order which, although suppressed in its country of origin, because of international law flourishes outside Poland, and the Grand Master, a President-in-exile, assumed responsibilities that are recognised by the international community. True chivalry transcends politics, ideologies and -isms.

The extensive lists of extinct Catholic Orders are of particular interest to layman and scholar alike, as they have been used for the setting-up of legions of self-styled and fantasy orders over the years.

[from the second edition: On 24 March 1983 the author died in Brussels. Before entering hospital early in February for an operation from which he never regained full consciousness, he asked his friend and collaborator, Peter Bander van Duren to ensure publication of the book on 25 March 1983, to coincide with the inauguration of the Holy Year.]

After the tragic death of His Excellency Archbishop Cardinale, on the day before publication of the first edition of this work, it became obviously that much work and revision remained to be done. Peter Bander van Duren was asked to become the Reviser and Editor of this work, which clearly and unambiguously expresses the Holy See's attitude to, and views on, the Orders of Knighthood. Sovereigns, Grand Masters, and Chancellors of all the principal Orders in the world that come within the sphere of the Holy See's magistral and maternal influence have given their wholehearted cooperation. The result is the most authoritative work ever written on the subject, prologued and endorsed by His Eminence the Papal Secretary of State, Agostino Cardinal Casaroli, and graciously approved by the Supreme Pontiff, qui sub Deo Fons est Honorum.

Earlier editions of Orders of Knighthood, Awards and the Holy See.

These are not officially in print, but as there are a few copies left anyone interested in purchasing a copy of either edition should get in touch with Colin Smythe Limited. There were considerable changes in the second and third editions, not only to the text, but in the illustrations, which makes them all of interest to the collector.
1st edition, published 25 March 1983
ISBN 0-905715-21-7  332pp.+ 20pp. in colour    £35.00
[This edition is inaccurately listed in the book as having 0-905715-12-8 as its ISBN (International Standard Book Number), but this number had already been allocated to the limited edition of Archbishop Heim's Heraldry in the Catholic Church, and therefore had to be changed.]

2nd edition, published September 1984
edited and revised by Peter Bander van Duren
ISBN 0-905715-23-3  334pp + 20pp. in colour £35.00


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