Naegli-Osjord Hans MD
Possession and Exorcism: Understanding the Human Psyche in Turmoil

Possession and Exorcism: Understanding the Human Psyche in Turmoil


Foreword by Martin Ebon

22.8 x 15.5 cm.       xviii, 186 pp.

This book is a challenge to everyone who grants the possiblity of survival of consciousness after physical death.

‘Dr Naegeli provides a scholarly contribution to a better understanding of a complex and disturbing phenomenon. With increasing reports of cases of possession, this book offers a very helpful focus by a highly respected psychiatrist.’ Lee Pulos, PhD, clinical psychologist.

‘this book reveals the courage of a man who unapologetically accepts the reality of possession – a largely unpopular view – and the perspicacity of a thinker who has puzzled through the implications of this phenomenon and the relationship between possession and mental illness. A major step in the attempt to grapple with a most baffling condition.’   Adam Crabtree, psychotherapist and author of Multiple Man: Possession and Multiple Personality.

‘demonic possession has been part of culture throughout human history. Since some form of life after death – the existence of a soul – is widely accepted, the possibility of discarnate evil also exists. After all, the soul of a criminal does not suddenly become saintly at death.’  C.Normal Shealy, MP PhD. First President of the American Holistic Medical Association, physician, author and lecturer

‘a breakthrough in mental health concepts, a must for those in the helaing arts.’ Dr Edith Fiore, clinical psychologist and author of The Unquiet Dead.

‘An in-depth overview of possession and exorcism by a practising psychiatrist [who] deals with rare and not-so-rare phenomena all too often ignored by the establishment but which will not go away. His reports beg for a fresh look, re-examination and innovative experimentation, challenging both the practical-minded and the theoretician.’   Berthold Eric Schwarz MD, psychiatrist and author of The Psychic Nexus.


Foreword by Martin Ebon

Preface by Walter and Mary Jo Uphoff

  1. Introduction
  2. Present Day Views of Possession
    The Author’s View of Possession; The “Creed” of Rationalism; The Importance of Experience
  3. Natural Philosophy and Natural Science
  4. Good and Evil
  5. The Demonic (Evil)
    The Demonic as Qualitative Reality; The Demonic in the Ancient World View; The Ethereal Embodiment of Demons; The Demonic in Theology; Western Man’s View of the Demonic; Manifestations of the Demonic; Need for Expanded lliinking; Religious Aspect of the Human Soul
  6. Possession
    General Observations Concerning Possession; Forms of Possession; Causes of Possession; Psychic Prerequisites; Nature of Possession; Characteristics of Possession
  7. Positive Possession
  8. The Exorcism
    Major Exorcism; Minor Exorcism; Exorcism Within the Protestant Church
  9. Types of Exorcism
    By Martin Luther; In the Christian Philippines; Baptismal Exorcism; Non-Christian Exorcism
  10. Medical Exorcism
    In Brazil; The Author’s Method; Dr. Carl Wickland’s Method; Observations by Wilson Van Dusen, Ph.D.
  11. The Case History of Gottliebin Dittus
    The Course of Events; Pastor Blumhardt’s Personal Opinions Compared With Contemporary Viewpoints in Parapsychology; The Case History of Gottliebin Dittus from the Viewpoint of Modem Psychiatry
  12. Other Cases of Possession
    The Possession of Mrs. P. 1952; The Possessed M.M.; The Possessed Mrs. C.
  13. Unusual Cases of Possession
    The Lads of Illfurt; Jeanne Ferry; A Possessed Girl in Lowenberg; The Nut-Eating Bewitched Woman; Several Possessed Boys; The Possessed Youth; About a Possessed Girl; The Possessed Nuns in the Convent of Kentorff; The Possessed Servant; Agnes Katherina Schleicher; Germana Cele; The Possessed Cat
  14. Cults and Charismatics
    Cultic Possession; Similarities Between Charismatics and the Possessed
  15. Anneliese Michel
    A Case that Went to Court; Expiatory Suffering
  16. Harassment and Multiple Personality
    Multiple Personality Disorder; Harassment Differs from Possession; Treatment of a Non-Schizophrenic Patient Suffering from Harassment
  17. The Electronic Voice Phenomenon
    The Potential Risk of Intense Preoccupation with Paranormal Taped Voices; The “Spiricom” Experiments
  18. Infestation: The Mildest Form of Possession
    Mrs. L. in B.; Events Surrounding Mrs. F.; Mrs. M.G.; Miss H. N.; Mr. R.; Miss O.
  19. Witchcraft and Possession
  20. Summary and Conclusions
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