A Guide to Coole Park, Home of Lady Gregory

A Guide to Coole Park, Home of Lady Gregory

Tag: Guide to Coole Park
Publication Year: 4th enlarged edition 2003
Length: 72 pp
ISBN: 9780861404506

72pp.  23.3 x 15.7 cm

This booklet is a guide to the house and estate, and in the words of the Cara Magazine review of the first edition (later editions of which have been greatly enlarged), it 'recalls with affectionate brilliance and a wealth of information the kindly and gracious inspirer of the Abbey Theatre ... By intelligent selection of quotes and sensitive description Mr Smythe captures more than a little of the gracious and aristocratic – in the best sense – atmosphere of Coole'.

With over 80 illustrations and a Foreword by Anne Gregory.


1. Today
2. Lady Gregory and Coole Park
3. The House and the Estate


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