Horizons: Collected Poems

Horizons: Collected Poems

Genre: Poetry
Tag: Horizons: Collected Poems
Publisher: Colin Smythe Limited
Publication Year: 2018
Format: casebound
Length: 160 pp.
ASIN: 0861405048
ISBN: 9780861405046

160pp.  20.4 cm  2018

The poems in this book represent a lifetime's struggle to recognise and come to terms both with the world around, and what is going on in the mind at moments of personal consequence. They also reflect an awareness of the work of writers from the past which, in some cases, may have influenced what appears in this book. There is no attempt to find solutions, but merely to register and search for words  which try to present, in accessible language, what the author is feeling.

Some readers' comments:

"I don't think there was a single poem which however fragile or sad its emotion, however delicate or subtle its train of thought, didn't set up a poise and dignity for itself, a sort of tender formal strength."

"I always read the poems aloud, they have an internal music which I enjoy finding."

"You have surpassed yourself, you seem to me to have reached that stage in writing to which I can only apply the word 'exquisite'. Through the years you have refined your writing to the essential, the essence."

"a poetic voice, unmistakenly yours, gentle, altogether unassertive, tentatively exploring its ground, meditatively unfolding a thought, an idea, a feeling, a physical sight or spiritual insight, always taking the reader on an inner journey which leaves him wondering what it was that has suddenly made him calm and reflective."

"And whatever subject you treat, you have an unmistakable voice, not a whit of superfluous verbiage, but precision of a kind of lean clarity. and what stands out above all is what I once called 'tentative philosophy', no dogmatising but careful reflection which takes the subject beyond its immediate appearance into realms of thought and feeling."

"I find your poetry in its content and style reminiscent of Japanese poetry. It is a culture which has paid great attention to detail and careful observation. Appreciation of nature is fundamental to many aesthetic ideals in Japan."

"You are able to convey so delicately emotion, never letting imagery cloud the work."

You have such a way of making the reader see the ordinary in an extraordinary way."

"These poems exemplify in the purest manner your particular strength of catching nature on the wing - or rather gathering, from a fleeting impression or thought, a total ensemble; of turning a natural scene into words, as few or as many as needed, no more, no less, and therefore pure poetry."

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