New British Drama in Performance on the London Stage 1970-1985

New British Drama in Performance on the London Stage 1970-1985

Genre: Literary Criticism
Tag: New British Drama in Performance on the London Stage 1970-1985
Publisher: paperback
Publication Year: 1990
Length: xii, 322 pp.
ISBN: 9780861403219

ISBN: 978-0-86140-321-9
21.6 x 13.8 cm         revised edition of the 1988 hbk

The works of established dramatists and of new talents are examined from the stand-point of the original production and initial casts, the major dramatists studied being Alan Ayckbourn, Samuel Beckett, Edward Bond, Trevor Griffiths, David Hare, Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard, and David Storey. A central theme of the book is the current relationship between the author and the actor.

Harold Pinter
New Forms of Comedy: Ayckbourn and Stoppard
Monologues and Soliloquies: Samuel Beckett
Poetic Naturalism: David Storey
Political Drama and David Hare
Trevor Griffiths
The History Play: Edward Bond

'As drama in performance is now, rightly, given such prominence in the study of playwrights and plays there is obvious need for an intelligent and sensitive book which looks at recent drama in the context of the stage. This is exactly what Richard Cave presents in his latest work. . . . this is a book which future historians will be grateful for, and which ordinary readers can dip into for the pleasure of reliving, or vicariously experiencing for the first time, the peculiar excitement of seeing new plays that constitute a new theatrical event.'  R.P.Draper in Times Higher Education Supplement

Richard Allen Cave, Emeritus Professor of Drama and Theatre Arts at Royal Holloway in the University of London, has published extensively in the fields of renaissance drama (Jonson, Webster, Brome), modern English and Irish theatre (Wilde, Yeats, Pinter, Beckett, Friel, Mc Guinness), dance (Ninette de Valois, Robert Helpmann), stage design (Charles Ricketts, Robert Gregory) and direction (Terence Gray). Most recently, he devised and was General Editor of an AHRC-funded project to create an online edition of The Collected Plays of Richard Brome (2010), and published the monograph, Collaborations: Ninette de Valois and William Butler Yeats (2011). The Collected Brome is soon to be published in a more traditional book-format by Oxford University Press (2020). He has also edited the plays of Wilde, Yeats and T.C. Murray; and the manuscript versions of Yeats’s The King of the Great Clock Tower and A Full Moon in March. Professor Cave is a trained Feldenkrais practitioner who works on vocal techniques with professional actors and on extending movement skills with performers in physical theatre.


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