Genre: Fiction
Tag: Sleep
ISBN: 9780861404377

“My problem, my central problem, is I can’t sleep. . .”

By turns comic and poignant, brutal and beautiful, Sleep follows an insomniac’s long journey to the light through a night of tormenting memories and lucid drunken speculation. A sequence of bizarre encounters with other lonely and despicable denizens of the night leads him to recover some meaning to his life: release from his dead mother’s incapacity for love, his yearning for ‘the first whore’, for ‘the unknown house’, for sleep. . .

Michele Spina was born in Messina (Sicily) in 1923.  Writer, thinker and teacher, a man of vivid and inspiring intellect he lived almost thirty years in England, in willing exile from his loved and hated Italy (Brobdingnag or the Land of the Houyhnhnms’). His first book to appear in English was West of the Moon (Peter Owen, 1994)  Night and Other Short Stories (Colin Smythe) appeared in 1998.  Sleep, his finest and most personal work, was completed in London in 1990, shortly before his death.

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