The Mad Pomegranate and the Praying Mantis

The Mad Pomegranate and the Praying Mantis

Genre: Autobiography and Biography
Tag: Mad Pomegranate and the Praying Mantis
Publisher: hardback
Publication Year: 1984 
Length: viii, 238 pp. 
ISBN: 9780861402007

ISBN: 978-0-86140-200-7
21.6 x 13.8 cm.      [in association with the Mantis Press]

The Mad Pomegranate & the Praying Mantis tells the story of a playwright who went to Spain to make a film about the poet Federico Garcia Lorca. He made the film and stayed on in Andalusia with his wife and five children for another ten years. When the playwright, Peter Luke (1919-95), had a West End success with one of his stage plays, Hadrian VII, he bought an almond, lemon and olive farm..

His Andalusian way of life suggested parallels with that of Publius Vergilis Maronis, the Virgil of the Bucolics and the Georgics, and Peter Luke, through his carefully selected and beautifully presented description, admits us to share his own arcadian experience.

The Mad Pomegranate & the Praying Mantis is an apologia for bucolic man in an increasingly urbanised world, and the author conveys his pleasure in this world in a manner that will delight the reader, however urbanised.

[Contrary to what a certain book reviewer believed about the title and images on the jacket, the title was that originally chosen by the author. The mantis was caught by my parents' cat and rescued from it, while the pomegranate was picked in their garden in Malta. I flew both back to England, placed one on the other, photographed them and, because I had to return immediately, took the mantis back to Malta 24 hours later, releasing it back in the garden whence it came. It had travelled over 2,600 miles. C.P.S.]

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