The Prophecies of St. Malachy & St. Columbkille

The Prophecies of St. Malachy & St. Columbkille

Genres: Parapsychology / EVP / Supernatural, Popular Irish Titles
Tag: Prophecies of St. Malachy & St. Columbkille
Publisher: paperback
Publication Year: 2005
Length: 143 pp.   
ISBN: 9780861404612

19.5 x 13.6 cm.      6th edition 2005 illustrated with papal coasts of arms from 1198 - Pope Innocent III to Pope Benedict XVI (1st edition 1969)

This has been and still is one of the most popular books with which Peter Bander has been associated. It has gone through six editions and over a dozen printings, has been published in the USA and Europe, and since its first publication in 1969, extracts have appeared in many magazines, newspapers and journals.  The present edition takes the reader up to the election of Pope Benedict XVI, 'gloriae olivae'. in 2005, the last pontiff to be given an epithet by St Malachy before 'Petrus Romanus'.  So who will occupy the papal throne after the present pope and before Peter the Roman?

His Excellency, the late Archbishop H.E. Cardinale, who was Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Common Market, following his term as Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain, wrote in his foreword to the Malachy Prophecies: "Here is a fascinating study which provides the curious reader with much profit and pleasure", quoting the Italian proverb "Se non è vero, è ben trovato" - If it isn't true, it's well thought out!

Thomas A. Nelson, a leading Catholic writer introduced the American edition with a lengthy preface, in which he wrote : "The overriding value of this volume is twofold: these prophecies are extremely accurate. Mr Bander has compiled here an inestimably valuable tract in the field of prophecy because the prophecies of Malachy fit beautifully into a pattern woven from the various saintly prognostications, the sibylline oracles, quasi-secular and folk predictions, and Biblical prophecies of Malachy, at the same time further develops and enlarges the picture we gain from other sources about the times we live in and the events, it would seem, we are about to witness".  Illustrated with all the papal coats of arms, including Pope Benedict's.

The illustrations on the front cover are taken from Sebastiano Borghi's Cronologia Ecclesiastica la quale contiene le Vita de' Pontefici (Bologna, c. 1670).

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