Killing Time
Killing Time

Killing Time

Series: Oxford Theatre Texts, Book 3
Genre: Drama
Tag: Killing Time

Killing Time, the centrepiece of Francis Warner’s Requiem trilogy, is a study of war and of its roots in each one of us. The play was performed at the 1975 Edinburgh Festival, where it won high acclaim.


'The plays of Francis Warner have, by daring appeal to the realms of music and physiology, considerably widened the area of sensibility of those properly responsive to them. . . . Killing Time is not for all markets, but where it is appreciated it will fetch a high price.’ Harold Hobson, The Sunday Times

‘Dramatic and provoking. . . . Excellent acting by an experienced cast.’     The Scotsman

'Killing Time completes a remarkable trilogy by one of Britain’s leading playwrights. Warner is not an “easy” playwright. His works bristle with intellect and although his characters are genuinely human the situations in which they find themselves are often dramatically bizarre.’ Cambridge Evening News

'Killing Time is a difficult play to assess in conventional terms. Nevertheless this is a truly intellectual play. . . a diverse but consciously poetic vision of war as a “fever in the brain”.’     Edinburgh Festival Times

'Killing Time is an important philosophical and moral work. Set in the human brain, it is a series of vignettes on the subject of war, all carefully counterpointed to reflect the biological working patterns of the brain. Not so much a play as a theatrical poem or mathematical theorem, it is unashamedly intellectual, frequently provoking and always demanding.’ The Stage


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