Living Creation
Living Creation

Living Creation

Series: Oxford Theatre Texts, Book 8
Genre: Drama
Tag: Living Creation

21.6 x 13.8 cm. Oxford Theatre Texts 8

Highly praised by the critics, Living Creation is Francis Warner’s tenth successful play. It tells the story of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s dominance over Florence, of his patronage of the poets and artists, and particularly of his relationship with Botticelli (whose life unifies the action), and covers the death first of Lorenzo’s brother, then of himself against the background of Savonarola’s rise to power, fall, and execution.

Francis Warner, the Oxford poet and dramatist, has given vivid expression to the civic and religious conflicts of the Medicis, Savonarola, and their contemporaries in renaissance Florence.

Much of the action concerns Botticelli’s creation of some of his masterpieces - shown in colour slide projections - [and] their impact on his fellow Florentines. . . .

Mr Warner, in language that is invariably compulsive and heightened by the richness of sensitive, forceful imagery, has brought to the stage the intrigue, the religious sourness, the savage cruelty and also the beauty of the Florence of the Medicis.’     The Stage

Francis Warner has done Oxford a real service by choosing to stage his latest play at the Examination Schools.

His verse takes on a new muscularity and sensitivity. The large and able cast respond. And Greta Verdin’s beautifully staged and orchestrated production has the same hypnotic appeal as a Botticelli painting.’     Oxford Mail More info →