Old & New Evidence on the Meaning of Life
Old & New Evidence on the Meaning of Life, Vol. 1

Old & New Evidence on the Meaning of Life, Vol. 1


ISBN: 978-0-86140-241-0

Contents: The Groundwork of Mystical and Psychical Awareness - Varieties of 'Other World' Experience: Beyond Personality - Attainment and Teachings of the Mystical Life - The Mystical Structuring of Psychology and Theoretical Physics.

Many people today seem to be troubled by the apparent ‘meaninglessness’ of life. Even among those who do not succumb to depressive states, drug-addiction, or some other form of escapism, there may be a general feeling of painful insecurity through the lack of any sure groundwork for faith. It is in the domain of mysticism that, as Raynor Johnson has said, ‘we may hope to find the answers to those problems about which we are most hungry to have real knowledge and certainty’.

This book goes beyond the author’s previous work, The Mystical Life, in its systematic presentation of the ‘releasing skills’ and paranormal knowledges which lead up to the ‘mystical transformation’. In particular, the many kinds of non-physical states of consciousness which open us to ‘other worlds’ or deeper insights into this one are studied in the light of well-authenticated evidence from a variety of sources. The mystical analyses also permit us to arrive at the field equations of mathematical physics by a new method.

'Michael Whiteman’s magnificent book ... should be on the shelf of every parapsychologist, every psychologist, every scientist and indeed everyone who wishes to achieve a better understanding of life with the aim of living it better and with greater meaning.’   Professor A.J.Ellison, Journal of the S.P.R.

'Whiteman is unique in our field: a physicist and an accomplished philosopher who has developed theory and methods of self-transformation that seem to have led him to extraordi-narily rich spiritual and paranormal experiences.... a unique blend of wealthy inner life and a well-trained intellect.’
Karlis Osis, Journal of the A.S.P.R.

‘no serious student of mysticism and psychical research can afford to pass [this book] by.’  Scientific and Medical Network


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