Women and the Warlords
The Women and the Warlords

The Women and the Warlords


21.6 x 13.8 cm. 283 pp.    1987
The third volume in the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness series

‘Lord Alagrace said you’d help.’

‘Any oracle can give you a reading,’ replied Yen Olass.

‘I told Alagrace an oracle couldn’t help me,’ said the Ondrask. ‘I told him I wasn’t interested in a reading. But he told me you’d do better than that. He told me you’d fix it.’

‘What?’ said Yen Olass. She was genuinely shocked, and it took a lot to shock her.

So begins Yen Olass’ involvement in the life-long feud of the warlords of the Collosnon Empire. She was to witness war, madness and wizardry, and would play a greater part in the events of her time than a mere oracle had any right to expect.


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