Blake Laurel & Small Ian (editors)
Pater in the 1990s

Pater in the 1990s


ISBN: 978-0-944318-05-8

Walter Pater (1839-1894) was one of the Transition Era's most influential figures. In this collection of essays, distinguished scholars continue research into his life. Subjects are included for the apprentice as well as the expert: from a scandal during Pater's Oxford days, to the influences upon him by Wordsworth and Arnold, and in turn to his influence upon Hopkins and Joyce. Contributors include: Billie A. Inman, Gerald Monsman, J.P. Ward, Lesley Higgins, F.C. McGrath, Paul Tucker, Richard Dellamora, Hayden Ward, J.B. Bullen, M.F. Moran, Bernard Richards, Anne Varty, Jane Spirit.

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