Ó Muirithe Diarmuid
The Wexford Carols

The Wexford Carols


21.6 x 13.8 cm.  

The tradition of carol singing in County Wexford goes back to the seventeenth century and continues as a living tradition today in the parish of Kilmore. The repertoire derives from a little book of songs published by Luke Wadding in Ghent in 1684 and from a manuscript collection compiled by Father William Devereux in County Wexford in 1734, which has been copied several times and is still circulated in manuscript copies.

Diarmaid O Muirithe has assembled the twenty-one carols which exist in the Wadding book and later copies of the Devereux manuscript compiled by Michael Murphy and Richard Neil in the early nineteenth century, and here presents the first complete collection of these rare texts.

The traditional airs which are still sung today were recorded by the Kilmore singers, and from this recording Seoirse Bodley has transcribed the airs. He has also provided a commentary on the musical mode. 


Diarmaid O Muirithe is an authority on the Anglo-Norman culture of south-east Ireland and Seoirse Bodley is a composer of international repute.

The reproduction on the cover is a detail from a woodcut, ‘The Holy Family with two angels in a portico’ c. 1502, by Albrecht Dürer.

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