Smythe Colin (editor)
Robert Gregory 1881-1918

Robert Gregory 1881-1918


A Centenary Tribute, with a foreword by his children

"In the centenary clamour of 1982 and the celebrations and reconsiderations of O Conaire, Joyce, Stephens and Woolf, Colin Smythe's slim Robert Gregory . . . might easily have been overlooked. It appears, however, that the editor of Books Ireland found it beguiling – and so does this reviewer. For one thing, although it is a centenary tribute, Robert Gregory exudes grace and charm; it lends itself to appreciation rather than to contentiousness, and it convinces the reader, utterly, that Gregory, if not our 'Sidney and our perfect man', was a Renaissance figure whose early death might have been an illustration for the maxim that whom the gods love die young. . . .

"[It] is not of interest merely because of Gregory's connections with literary and artistic life, fascinating as they are. It is a montage of poetry, reminiscences and many illustrations and photographs which, though they underline the connections, ultimately serve to illuminate the man. This book is not – contrary to what the reader might think at first glance – in the least ephemeral. One wants to leaf through it again and again, so strong, and yet so evocative, is the sense of Gregory which it imparts." Janet Madden-Simpson, in Books Ireland


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