Bibliography of George Moore
A Bibliography of George Moore

A Bibliography of George Moore


ISBN: / 978-0-86140-067-6

22.5 x x 15.5 cm.      xiv, 274 pp.  1970 [Northern Illinois University Press] We have purchased their entire stock, and therefore allocated a new ISBN to this book.

This is the first comprehensive bibliography in En­glish and the most complete in any language of the works of George Moore, the Anglo-Irish author whom Charles Morgan described as having ‘twice recreated the English novel’. Moore was the first critic to write in English of the Impressionist painters and of the works of Verlaine, Rimbaud, and La­forgue. In addition, he was instrumental in helping to sound the death knell of the Victorian three-decker novel, and later was a leader – with W. B. Yeats, Edward Martyn, and Lady Gregory – in Ire­land’s literary renaissance. His writings and interests have been so diverse that few realise the scope of his work. During his life­time, Moore was frequently the storm centre of one controversy or another. While leading to many amusing tales about him, this has tended to cloud his very real contribution to English literature, both as an innovator and as an accomplished artist. To achieve the perfection he constantly sought, Moore revised and rewrote probably more than any other modern .author, yet the resulting textual differences in various editions have scarcely been noted. Two previous bibliographies (both published nearly fifty years ago and more than ten years prior to Moore’s death) do not approach completeness; neither makes more than casual mention of revised texts, and neither notes translations and periodical appearances. Both limit consideration to English editions, al­though in some cases the American printings were the earliest.

This bibliography, which had its genesis more than thirty years ago, is based primarily on Edwin Gilcher’s personal collection, but every description has been checked against as many other copies as possible. It fully describes all works in first editions, both En­glish and American, and all subsequent editions con­taining substantial revisions, as well as, for the sake of collectors, the various limited and illustrated edi­tions. As far as possible all editions have been noted so that a student can quickly determine which text has been reprinted in any particular edition.

The first section, by far the longest, contains de­scriptions of all titles associated with Moore, includ­ing early works excluded by the author from the canon of his collected editions, and also pamphlets and occasional printings. The second section is de­voted to books by other authors which contain con­tributions by Moore and which reprint letters of his. The third section lists periodical printings, and this listing is the most extensive that has been made to date. The fourth section lists the books, stories, and articles translated into thirteen foreign languages. The final section gives brief accounts of titles some­times attributed to Moore, but actually not by him, and of works known to have been written by him, in­cluding a number of plays, which have never been published.


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