Bibliography of the Writings of William Carleton
A Bibliography of the Writings of William Carleton

A Bibliography of the Writings of William Carleton


ISBN: 978-0-86140-188-8
21.6 x 13.8 cm.   241 pp.  1985

William Carleton epitomised the search by nineteenth century Irish writers for a national identity. He spoke in the voice of the Irish peasant and was heard all over the literary world. His books, from the early collection Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry (1830) to the late novel Willy Reilly (1855), were tremendously popular, running into many editions in Ireland, England and America. He revised, retitled, and regrouped his works frequently, producing a rich yet confusing body of work, which is fully explored and identified in the first part of this work, the first complete bibliography to have been compiled of the works of William Carleton.

Carleton wrote for a wide range of magazines, from the ultra-Protestant Christian Examiner to the ultra-Catholic Duffy’s Hibernian Magazine. He often used his magazine stories as the basis for later publication in book form, frequently altering and adapting. Dr. Hayley lists Carleton’s contributions to periodicals in their chronological order, also indicating when and where they later appeared. She then devotes a section to criticism of Carleton’s work as it appeared in a surprisingly wide variety of journals and newspapers, from the earliest criticism in his own time up to the present day.

Carleton’s work has long awaited a bibliographer, and Dr. Hayley gives it the full, detailed and illuminating treatment it deserves. It is absolutely essential for everyone studying or collecting his works.

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