Eight Sonnets
Eight Sonnets

Eight Sonnets


56pp. illus. 27.0 x 19.0 cm.

The first performance of David Goode's Eight Sonnets by Francis Warner was given in the hall of King's College, Cambridge, 14 June 2015, on the occasion of the retirement of the College Chaplain, Richard Lloyd Morgan, and sung by him with David Goode at the piano.

The Sonnets

'Sometimes a summer's day begins in mist'
'I did not see the bombs fall on the Thames'
'Was it mere chance that brought the mating hare'
'Should we preserve intensity alone'
'Night wins. The realizing dark'
'Just now is dawn, and I am out of doors'
'Twenty-eight fighter bombers overhead'
'The held cascade of vaulting stone unites'

With a recording of the Sonnets, which can be obtained separately at


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