Venture in Immortality
A Venture in Immortality

A Venture in Immortality


ISBN: 978-0-86140-284-7

19.7 x 12.9 cm.      [pbk edition of book first published in 1973]

Death has been the skeleton in the cupboard of organised religion for two millennia, and many churches have not been able to provide the comfort needed by the bereaved, or satisfactory answers to their questions.

While David Kennedy’s wife was still alive, they agreed that whoever died first would endeavour to prove that life after death was a fact. After her death, he showed his friends and associates in the academic world a written record of experiences that took place almost immediately after her passing: he wanted, initially, to be sure that his emotions had not clouded his reasoning. He was strongly advised that it should be published, and A Venture in Immortality was first published in 1973.

The story this book tells is simple: Ann is ‘alive’. Her survival has found expression, not just as a symbol of hope or as an endless prolongation of memory, but as a living, dynamic personality whose activities manifested themselves in such a way that the record of the following six months constitutes most powerful evidence for survival after death.

A Venture in Immortality is the result of David Kennedy’s endeavour to present his story and the evidence related to his Christian faith in such a way as to remove the fear of death from his readers. He does not minimise the agony of dying and the pain of parting from those we love, or the sense of physical absence, but he does not just give hope and promises as a palliative: he presents the simple and true facts of a life after death which we may not always understand, but which appears to be as real and as active an experience as anything we have known in this world.

To his narrative, the author added appendices on Prayers for the Dead; Mediumship in the Early Church; A Suggested Funeral Service; and Comments on and prints the Report of the Church of Scotland Committee on Supernormal Psychic Phenomena.

David Kennedy was a successful consulting engineer before he gave up his career and went back to university to study to become a minister in the Church of Scotland. Once he was ordained, his scientific background and logical mind, his deep sincerity and outstanding gift of oratory ensured that he became one of Scotland’s most widely known ministers.


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