Perspectives of Irish Drama and Theatre

Perspectives of Irish Drama and Theatre

Series: Irish Literary Studies, Book 33
Genre: Literary Criticism
Tag: Perspectives of Irish Drama and Theatre
Publication Year: 1991
Length: xiv, 184 pp.
ISBN: 9780861403097

Irish Literary Studies series 33

This volume gives a comprehensive view of Irish drama. studied chronologically from the nineteenth century to the present day. as well as considering its international impact. The study of the plays dealing with the lives of Deirdre and Grania rehabilitates Lady Gregory’s Grania. The similarities between Yeats and Beckett are pointed out: both were concerned with the actor considered as a marionette – Yeats, nearly sixty years before Beckett, had thought of rehearsing actors in barrels. Beckett's Irishness is also examined.

The image of Ireland in nineteenth-century drama is no longer an uncharted territory, while the problem of translation is considered in an essay on Joyce's translation into Italian of Riders to the Sea and one on Brian Friel's play Translations. There is also a more general essay on this major playwright. Synge's influence on other playwrights is also considered, while another contribution explores the three adaptations of Antigone, by Brendan Kennelly. Tom Paulin. and Aidan Carl Mathews: and after a study of Thomas Kiiroy's theatre, there is a view of the Field Day Theatre Company. The question of language is at the core of Thomas Murphy's drama, while MacNeice's perception of Irish history is studied through his They Met on Good Friday. John Hewitt's The Bloody Brae is situated in Irish drama and specifically in Ulster drama.

Throughout these essays, which constitute a network encompassing the different aspects of the Irish Theatre, we find recurring political and social problems, but also the universal topics of literature, the question of language and the care for art and stagecraft. The different literary approaches throw an interesting light on the vitality of the genre in Ireland.

All have developed from the papers given at the International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature's 1987 conference held at the University of Caen, and hosted by Professor Jacqueline Genet, then President of the University. The contributors are Richard Allen Cave, Colin Meir, Margaret Rose, Katherine Worth, Heinz Kosok, Maureen S.G. Hawkins, Britta Olinder, Paul F. Botheroyd, Joan Fitzgerald, Lucia Angelica Salaris, the late Patrick Rafroidi, Christopher Murray, Denis Sampson, Patrick Burke, and Joseph Swann.

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